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11# Yogie1406 |

7/31/18 1:47:42 AM

I am fully agree with you Storm is beast with Fg talent and accuracy if you going against Dodge hero , Storm is good wall breaker, stun the enemy hero and yes very damage so sto M can be useful to kill and dragons

12# iYoDa2point0 |

7/31/18 1:51:33 AM

is there really ANY need to spam the forums?

13# armymom |

7/31/18 6:26:23 PM

I truly like playing with my SE and really like the fg on him and have accuracy traits on him as well. He is good in arena with Michael right next to him

14# OhmG |

8/1/18 5:32:53 AM

Dont forget, he can counter many tank due to his 12% max hp per attack.

15# Jtisallbusiness |

8/1/18 10:12:33 PM

I use storm eater mainly for lost battlefield and arena.. he’s an absolute beast in Lost battlefield with a defensive talent and 5 revitalize crest set for auto proc. He’s really good for damage and stun as well. I have full dodge traits on mine along with silencing shot for the extra range + silencing effect.

16# Asosome8 |

8/2/18 7:00:12 PM

Wouldent empower be good sense it’s like revite cause even when he dosent attack he will gain that energy by X% every second so I guess better than revite for offense I think cause all you have to do is spawn him decent spaces away from heros or buildings and the energy will always come back to him instead of just fast proxs once or what thanks

17# STORM1 |

10/12/18 9:30:46 AM

What do you think of Tenacity talent