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[Discussion] Castle Clash FAQ

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Here are all the FAQ related to Castle Clash, please read them first before asking questions in forum.
The questions are categorized into four groups, please click the link below or scroll down to see.

1. Game related FAQ

2. Forum related FAQ

3. Support related FAQ

4. Useful Links

Special thanks to LordAssassin for his old faq thread, questions from the old thread are answered and organized again in this thread.

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Beginner's guide:

I just started this game, is there a beginner's guide?
You can read a beginner's guide here:
Or more from the guide section

About heroes:

How to acquire heroes in game?
Heroes may be hired with gem/honor badges/shards. When hiring with gem/honor Badge, the result is random. When purchasing with shards, one may choose a specific hero to buy. The chance is higher to get elite/legends when hiring with gem, and the chance to get a good hero is lower when hiring with honor badge.

How to aquire legendary heroes?
Legendary hero may be hired with gem, the chance to get a legend is about 5% when hiring with gem (an estimated number). Some of the legends can also be bought with shards. There is a very slim chance to hire legends with honor badge, so it's not recommended to use HB to hire heroes. As a side note, when you login for 21 and 30 days, you may get two legends for free, which are paladin and druid.

How do I use slimes?
Slimes may be used to upgrade heroes' skills. Choosing a hero in hero altar, use the consume button to upgrade heroes' skill. Green/Blue/Purple slimes each gives 100/600/3000 skill points.

How to level up/upgrade heroes?
Heroes may be trained by raiding/fighting dungeons/'Here be monsters'. Heroes will upgrade to a higher star for every 20 levels. To upgrade heroes, one need enough honor badge, fires and gold. You may read the following questions to see more details on these resources.

How to aquire Honor Badge (HB)?
Honor badge may be obtained from several sources. Arena will give certain HB every hour, the better your rank is, the more HB you may get per hour. Another important source of HB is boss fight, guild leader may start boss fight once per day. Once boss is defeated, all people who join the fight will get the corresponding HB. Raiding and fighting dungeons can also give some HB reward. Finally, daily reward and might title will also provide daily HB reward. And it's possible to buy 1,000 HB/day with 50 gems from the gem purchase icon.

How to aquire shards?
Shards can be obtained by fighting dungeons or 'Here be Monsters'. Shard may drop randomly when you finish a dungeon by over 50%. You will receive shards as one of the reward for beating a here be monster level. After reaching 17,000 in might, one may start to receive shards as a daily reward.

How to aquire fires to upgrade heroes?
Fires may be obtained by clearing dungeons. Each dungeon may give 3 fires when one passes it 100%. Fires won't be consumed when upgrading heroes, so when more fires are needed to upgrade heroes, one may fight some new dungeons or get more fires from the old dungeons that you didn't finish 100%.

How to aquire Spirit Mage?
Spirit mage will be awarded once 50,000 gems is purchased/obtained from Tapjoy offer. May see here for more details about gem purchase rewards,

How to aquire Pumpkin Duke/Snowzilla/Cupid?
There are a few gem-roll only heroes in game, which can only be hired randomly with gem. The above three heroes are the current gem-roll only heroes.

About buildings:

What's the use of upgrading Town Hall?
Upgrading town hall will unlock more buildings for the base. Also, the highest building one may build is determined by your town hall level.

I saw Cannon Tower/Magic Tower/Arrow Tower on other's base, how do I build them?
The watchtower one build can be upgraded to level 10. After reaching level 10 watchtower, it may be upgraded to one of the three advanced towers (Cannon/Magic/Arrow). Max level for advanced towers is also 10.

How do I get the fifth tower in game?
Upgrade Town Hall to level 17 will allow one to build the fifth watchtower.

Is it possible to sell/downgrade buildings?
Buildings can only be upgraded. Once built or upgraded, they cannot be sold or downgrade.

About arena:

What determines my icon inside arena?
Arena icon shows the highest level hero in your defense setup.

What determines the HP of the shrine inside arena?
To win an arena battle, you need to destroy opponent's shrine faster than the other party. The HP of the shrine for one party is twice the total HP of all heroes joining arena fight in that party. For example, if one use only a druid with 5,000 HP, then the base HP of shrine is 10,000.

About HBM:

Where can I find a good base design for "Here be monster"?
There is one thread that organizes all the base designs according to town hall levels
and more guides on base design for HBM

About accounts:

How do I create a new account and start over?
Please see #1 here

How do I play this account on other phones?
Please see #2 here

How can I purchase gems through paypal/amazon/etc?
One may purchase gem directly in game using google wallet. If that doesn't work for you or you prefer other methods, may use the following link to buy gem for your accounts.
Currently, the supported payment method include: Paypal, Amazon, Skrill, Mycard, Googlewallet, etc.

Other questions:

How do I increase/drop might?
Total might is the sum of contributions from several parts. New buildings/upgrade buildings can increase might, so does upgrading troops and magic. Another way to increase might is to train heroes, higher hero levels/ skill levels / talent levels all results in higher might.
Because there is no way to remove/downgrade buildings/magic/troops, the only way to drop in might is to consume heroes that you currently have.
See this thread for more details

How do I aquire soilder/elite titles in guild?
Guild titles are granted when donations reach a certain level. 3000 shards donations let you get soldier title, 10,000 shards donation gives the elite title. Elite members have the authority to accept members into the guild.

I saw people talking about "smurf account". What does that refer to?
Smurf account is another account created by you for the purpose of getting resource (gold/mana) to your main account easily. The idea is that it's easier to farm resources at low might, so one can create a smurf account to collect resources at low might first, then transfer them to the main account by letting your main raid smurf. More details on how to start a smurf account may be found here.

What are the most often used acronyms in game/forum?
For heroes
SM = Spirit Mage
TG = Thunder God
AC = Atlanticore
PD = Pumpkin Duke
SZ = Snowzilla
Succ= Succubus

For hero talents
SD = Self Destruct
DS = Deadly Strike
Revit = Revitalize
HB = Heavy Blow

Proc = hero's skill attack
HB = Honor Badges
HBM = Here be monster
F5, G5 ... = HBM levels
D3S1, D8S11 ... = Skull dungeon levels. D3S1 refers to the first skull level in dungeon 3.
TH = town hall

HBM design
Diamond = Diamond shape base
Deathbox = Caixa de morte = Two entrance box desgin
DeathClover = Four entrance box desgin
40:1 = One variation of diamond base
Spade = Spade shape corner base design.

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Can I write other languages besides English in forum?
We are a forum for US version of Castle Clash, so all posts and comments need to be written in English.
However, you may change the display language of the forum. This can be achieved by clicking the language flag in the upper right corner of the browser, and choose the language you want to use.

Where do I post suggestions for the game?
We have a dedicated suggestion thread in forum, all suggestions may be posted there.

Is there a way to change my forum name?
There is no way one may change forum name. The only option is to create a new forum account.

Where can I find events for Castle Clash?
We hold forum events in the event zone
And you may find the facebook event from here

How do I get more Favor, Reputation, and Karma on forum?
Other forum members may give favor to your post, usually when it's helpful, informative or creative. Reputation and Karma can be given only by mods/admins for extremly excellent posts. Favour, Repuation and Karma may be used to buy forum badges here

How do I get Manual badges on the forums?
To get manual badges, one need to private message ccprestine. She will let u know if you are qualified to receive the badge. If one is qualified, the badge will be awarded.

How do I hide my Game ID when participating an forum event?
When editing your post, you may insert the following command to hide some contents of your post[code][hide=999999] Hidden content [/hide][/code]This makes the content only visible to admins. This may help you to protect some senstive info you don't want to disclose to public.

How do I upload screenshots in forum?
You may choose to add an attachement in your post to upload a screenshot. The details are described in 2.2 and 3.1 of this thread

How do I change my personal info / Avatar / Signature?
You may edit your personal info by selecting the settings option on top of the screen. Signatures and avatar can also be modified there. All of these are described in this tutorial.

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How do I contact live support or submit support ticket?
There are three ways to get supports from IGG.
1. Live support
You may go to settings in game, then click live support.
If using PC, you can also use the following link to reach live support.

2. Submit ticket in game
Go to settings in game, click send a ticket. Then fill out the forms to submit a ticket

3. Email
One can also email the support team directly at

Where do I report bugs and glitches?
If you find some bugs in game, you may report using the 3 methods mentioned above. Please provide as much details as possible in your report for the tech team to resolve it faster.

I purchased gem but didn't receive them, who should I contact?
If you haven't received the gems that you have purchased, you will need to contact Live Support with the following information:
In-game Name:
Email Address:
Payment Email Address:
Payment Method:
Order I.D:
Time of Purchase:
Purchase Amount:

My account was hacked /  heroes were consumed, who should I contact?
If you think your account could be hacked, you may contact support team with the following info
In-game Name:
Email Address:
Time Of Incident:

How do I report a suspicous player?
If you found a suspicious player (hacking or other illegal activities), please contact the support team to let them know the details.
Suspicious player's in-game name:
Your contact email:
Evidence and more details: including screenshots and video proof.

I finished a tapjoy offer but didn't receive any gem, who should I contact?
Gems received from tapjoy offers are not handled by IGG, so you need to reach Tapjoy directly to solve the issue.
To contact Tapjoy, open the offer page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you may submit a ticket using "Missing Gems" link.

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