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[Discussion] Castle clash IOS update was sent to Apple for review?!

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Where is Up Date?!

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Getting old. It's pretty sad that they prefer Android especially when you have pay to play customers on iOS. You would think you want to keep everyone happy.

Another week down... we're into October now and still no info on when iOS will be updated. Is it really that difficult for the PR team to walk their asses down to the devs and say "what's the status?"

I know i'm preaching to the choir, but it's getting old... fast.

Posted on 10/1/14 1:54:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Omg all this whining. The update comes on iOS normally 28 or 29 days after it has Been released on android.well THE update on android is 2,5 week out. So 1,5 week more THE update should come to iOS. So have patience. And stop whining. So useless these threads.

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They push these updates as quickly as possible, just be patient once they get the final approval from Apple, who btw is the hardest to get these updates by they will implement immediately.  The most recent update had to have an maintenance immediately to adjust issues created within the game after it was implemented.  Apple may be a little more proficient in forecasting these issues which is why they tend to require additional programming before approval of the updates.  At least when they finally make it to this platform most of the worst bugs and glitches have been worked out.


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Posted on 10/1/14 3:01:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

All that is Super, except it's never submitted to Apple the same time it's submitted to the google play store.

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Slobberykinkos replied at 10-1-2014 01:54 PM
Omg all this whining. The update comes on iOS normally 28 or 29 days after it has Been released on a ...

Shut up. You're speaking out of pure ignorance

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I just adore the "Apple's approval" thingy...
Soon we'll hear: "...the update's waiting for Apple's blessing...", "...the update's sins have been forgiven by Apple...", "...the update's been fasting for the last 4 weeks in an attempt to get the approval from Apple...", "...the update's gone through a lot of suffering trying to get out to the clashers but Apple's adamant to bless it and approve it...", "...bad, bad Apple...(", "...igg is goooood. It's the rotten Apple's fault.".

So, be prepared ladies n gents, guys n gals, lads n ladettes, mamas n daddies.

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DarkStar700cc a posté en 9-29-2014 04:33 PM
The reason why IOS updates take longer are 1. They make the android updates first most likely becaus ...

@aredcar: yes that's the problem. But they probably have only one team of developers. And they develop in priority for android (because of "much people" I think!). Then only when they release android version they adapt to iOS (because of iOS version is an android transformation version; that mean "portage" in French ^^). When adaptation ok for them, they submit to Apple for approval. Then if they have the approval they release. That's why it's so .... So longer... :-/
They could be do 2 teams of developers, 1 for android and 1 for iOS but no... :-(

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Posted on 10/1/14 10:16:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

To get the "facts" on how long between the updates for android and iOS, one must SIMPLY go to the android forums, view the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS sub forum, check the date on the update and THEN check the iOS forums, OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS sub forum and compare the dates. They are ALL around the same times.

Are people getting dumber or lazier?

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Why create something that you can not keep up with?
Three platform three server, Th ...

Hahaha I just knew this 3 lol