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[Discussion] Interview the player: Getting inside Shinnn!

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Hello iOS Clashers

I would like to introduce the iOS forums to a new series I will be doing called "Interview the player"  In this series we will be hearing from various members who have achieved milestones within the game as well some cross over into the other platforms (Android, Amazon, ect).  This is an opportunity to learn valuable in game knowledge from 

the success of other players as well as gain perspective.  I will be counting on members of the iOS community to give me ideas on who to interview as what questions you would like to ask. I will be conducting these interviews in line and posting the transcript here.

With that being said lets kick things off.  For the first interview I have picked a friend of mine: the very talented and charismatic Lady Beatrice for Shinnn one of the top guilds on our server.


Hello Lady Beatrice and thank you for taking the time out do this for us.

No problem, I'm happy to help and I like the idea. This makes CC more of a community than a war zone:) A lot of people never get into the Line circles and get to know the real community so this is a way for them to see that CC has more to offer than what's in game:)

Q: You are the face of Shinnn one of the top guilds on the iOS server.  What would say is the key component that makes Shinnn successful?

A: Trust among leaders and constant recruiting. As soon as we stop recruiting the guild slowly becomes less activity. Especially since IGG keeps releasing updates and when the updates cost too much money players go inactive. A big issue among top players are that if they can’t keep themselves at the top they quit, no middle ground. I also love to organize and my task in SHINNN has always been to manage the inside and that might sound weird since I’m the player with the most contacts outside the guild.

Q: Take us through the history of Shinnn: How did it get started? Who were the major players?  

A: SHINNN is an old guild created the same day the guild update came out on iOS. It was founded by Shinnjx and was never suppose to be a top guild. After about a month I was asked to be vice leader and a month or so after me MLH2014(current leader) became vice leader as well. So Shinnjx, MLH and I kept the guild going but never had any bigger plans for the guild. The top players we had were KS83, MLH2014 and Shinnjx. 

Then all happen quite fast under the summer of 2014, SHINNN was almost inactive and a lot of players played Brave frontier instead. Guild KoA(King of arena, the old arena guild) slowly died and the alliance against KoA crumbled. Shinnjx, MLH and KS83 were in the alliance at the time and let’s just say left it as someone there angered MLH. So he went on a recruiting spree. He recruited from other guilds, which was highly frowned upon back then and some guilds still feel that way but it’s more accepted now. 

It was the right time for a new top guild and easy to recruit because the rules for the boss event changed so everyone could get max HB and there were rumors about an update with guild war(Current Torch battle) coming in the fall. Now being in a small guild to get max HB didn’t pay off so players were more than willing to join when MLH asked. We managed to get the guild on top and even more than that, but we also got a lot of haters which were probably the hardest for me to handle. Now we aren’t as dominating and we 
also got less haters(I hope, haha), but we are still one of the top guild

Q: You still have me, I am a hater.... JK. Much respect to Shinnn. So what are the biggest challenges to staying on top?

A: For me personally it was all the hate against us, now it’s probably to find players that have the interest for arena. I think a lot of the reasons we even try to stay on top are pride, don’t want everyone that wants us to fail to get the satisfaction. There’s really no benefit to be a top guild.

Q: Take us behind the scenes for a minute, what are the players of Shinnn like?  

A: Bullies, hahaha, they love to tease me, all day everyday. I think a lot of people think we are just hardcore players and not into socializing, but I think that only reason most top players keep playing are the community.

Q: Poor Bea dealing with those mean Bullies!! Tell us your arena secrets? What makes Shinnn so successful in the Arena game?

A: Is this the part where I should say I can tell you but I have to kill you?;) To be honest I like the fact that we are one guild working together, there’s no need for others approval and we can tweak the rules as we see fit. Other than that we work as the arena alliances on iOS, think there’s at least 2 of them at the moment. We got our own arena chat where only players in SHINNN that do area are allowed and we don’t attack one another. Trying to build the guild on teamwork but we got more and less successful periods like most guilds.

Q: Thanks for being a great sport Lady B.  One last question since it wasn't mentioned. We all know you are the Line sticker queen.  I heard the true secret to staying on top is the stickers.  Is this true?  Is this what keeps Shinnn hungry and motivated?

Lol, I like giving stickers as rewards when we have events. It's a fun thing that most players like. I can't even remember when I started with that, but it's safe to say we probably got the most sticker spams in Castle clash. As a joke we have said we should ask players to show us their stickers instead of heroes when they want to join us.

If you have ideas on how you would like me to interview next or what type of questions you would like me to ask, feel free to leave comments below.

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Very cool idea! Thanks for putting this together, and Lady B for being a good sport as well.

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Cool concept! This adds much more value to this forum! Well done!

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facts: top guild only because you started first.
We had top players but they quit, they could not buy detecation.
bla bla bla. booring

Is this a recruitment gimmick? because its long ago we had 1/4

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Nice interview!

I wasnt arround by the time the clan was created, but i heard a diferent history on how they started the guild and recruit back then.

That point apart, i have being on the rival side of shinn from quite a long time now. I recognice they did a great job and control arena some time ago. I want to congratulate them for their efford and our rivalry for sure made me a better player. I have made friends among some shinn guild members and its nice to be rival and  enjoy it as part of the game.

To all shinn members, wish u the best and i will be waiting to test our teams in Battles, coz i belive that the new arena. All pics will be welcome. See u on game 0/

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:( I'm the princess of shinnn not her

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Nice work, Rank.  That's an excellent idea.  I'm sure we'll see even more great things from you.  Thanks for your efforts in bringing the iOS forum to life again.

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And i hope u speak many languages fluently, becuse there is many guilds where they dont speak english. So should it only be ur friends u interwiev/advert for? (snaeking adverts for u own guild in the meanwhile) ?
This only a good idea for ranks guild + friends. This isnt journalism but advertising.

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Thank you for responding.  Feedback is good.  You are active on the forums that is also good. I would commend you to stay with that trend.  You obviously care about your guild and appear to care about equality.  So let me address your concerns as best I can.

This series is not about guild promotion or shout outs.  As you will see later we will be addressing a myriad of topics (might building, arena strategy, Team HBM, base building, ect.)  If I did a series just promoting guilds it would get stale quick and no one would read them.  However, if you want to talk on the side, I am more than willing to offer any advice on building up Royal_Karnage.  I will also be posting a thread soon to get input on new topics and people to interview.  I would encourage you to participate.

Please give some objectivity for a minute as you read over these next few lines.  Shinnn is an arena guild, they fight to dominate the top arena.  I am a member of an alliance of guilds that directly opposes Shinnn.  Shinnn and I go head to head in arena several times a day. I fought Lady Beatrice's boyfriend several times yesterday alone. Of course I regard many as friends.  Now why in would I do this with intent on building my rival?  What you are suggesting I created this series to recruit my competition.  That doesn't add up.

What I stated in the beginning paragraph is my intent and nothing more.

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So good I kind of wish it was longer with more questions, well hey at least there room for part II right?

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