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[Discussion] Interview the player: Arena Life, Bonds of War!

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Hello iOS Clashers,

The Arena can be a heartless and unforgiving theater of bloodshed.  One mistake can set you back several spots and undo everything you tried to accomplish.  Competition is strong and even a marginal increase in power can send ripple effects through the competition.  Domination by power guilds led to rise of an alliance.  This alliance incorporates players from a diverse pool of guilds who are able to battle on the largest CC stage.  Today I bring two of the people who help run the alliance.  To prevent them from being unfairly targeted for chaining I have removed their names.  In place we have Leader 1 and Leader 2.

Q: Tell us a little about yourselves: What drew you to CC and what do you find most enjoyable about the game?

Leader 1: My son started playing this game on my iPad.  I looked at the game said that is ok I will never play it anyway...well I was wrong. I combined my son's football team and his initials to make my in game name. I like challenges and I like to set goals.  Sometimes the goals seem too far away to achieve them.  That is what keeps me going in the game.  First it was top 100 in might.  The next goal was top 50.  I currently hover in that range.

Leader 2: I am am American player I started playing this game a little over a year ago with my co-workers and little brother and I'm the only one that stuck with it lol.

Q: The alliance is a collation of players from many guilds.  How did this get started and how did it evolve into what it is today?

L1 and L2: The Alliance was started a very long time ago (before I even knew what revite was) by 7seas and breaden. From there, they brought other guilds in, like team untouchables and KOA. It just grew to what it is today

Q: What do you see as the advantage and disadvantages to running arena as group vrs an arena dedicated guild?

L1: The advantages are less people hitting you.  It give you some protection and you don't fall as fast as being solo.  Disadvantages are being chained down by a group of people.

L2: If anything I feel that it's a disadvantage from being in a single ran guild to honest but I like the idea of having multiple players from all over teaming up in arena and sharing the rewards and hb rather than having one guild control everything.  But what we offer is something a single arena guild can't and that keeping players in there guilds with there friends that aren't ready for high arena ranks.  Lots of people don't want to leave there freinds behind from there old guilds me myself I made the jump to 7seas from ImmortalLegends and it was tough to leave my old guild mates behind.

Q: What are the biggest challenges to running the group?

L1: The biggest challenge of running a guild or a group is keeping people interested and keeping the drama to a minimum.  And remember this is a game that is supposed to be fun to play.

L2: The challenge of running it is keeping everybody happy and making sure there working as a team to be a affective group players. Which we do a good job of.  Arena has evolved so much since Aries has been out, Dread drake and Warlock have certainly change arena as well.

Q: I noticed the top of the arena was reshuffled with the newest hero Dread Drake. How has Dread Drake affected arena and is it comparable to the Aries effect?

L1: I think DD allows more people to be in the top 100.  His proc seems to be random or at least no one has figured out how to get their dd to proc first.  I still think Aries was a real game changer in the arena and forced you to have a revite 5 to compete.  Only a few people had revite 5 at first and as time has gone on more and more people got a revite 5.

L2: The affects or much different it's not so much about strength anymore but who procs first and when they proc it's crazy.

Q: I agree DD has definitely added more randomness to match ups. Speaking of match ups, what is the hardest opponent you faced in Arena?

L1: Hardest opponent. For me too many to list.  Those players that are Constantly in the top 30 have always been hard to impossible for me to beat.  It is what pushes me to make my account better.

L2: There are lots of strong players out there. I have to give up for Shinnn they have a ton of top players over there and I can't just pick one. Definitely Tennos Ken Zi KS all have great teams and definitely keep me playing this game mode.

Thanks for your time and look forward to going to war with you both.

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I am who I am. Dun ask.
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Thanks nex!

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Interesting take on the alliance, I hope that they remain competitive while this DD meta changes shakes out Arena.

Wesvaroth of 7Seas on iOS
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Good interview again, Rank :) And nice of person 1 and 2 to participate, I think I can figure out who's who;) Good job guys:)

  -recruitment tread
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Another fun read. Thanks for putting it together and those who participated!

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Leader 1 = raiderscjb ?

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Great interview!

Keep it going Rankdog, i really enjoy your interviews!!!

As the Alliance, i just have to thanks all the players that makes part of it. I really met a lot of nice people from all over the world. Actually alliance allowed me to know high level players from all guilds and its defenetly a barrier breaktrought.

As the history and how it was created, it would be nice to contact Val (braendan) , Jinki (7seas), and some former player from Loh Guild. Maybe Isoloman (former KOA guildie), Shinnjs and MLH can say something on how it was created. As far as i know, alliance was created to fight KOA Guild back then, but then some things changed...

Its great to know the history behind the scenes, its part of the game and i really enjoy it.

As for the arena playing, its so sad that instant proc is random, so u cant relly on having more skill heroes to win....

Keep it going, great job rankdog!!!

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Good job rankdog with the interviews keeping everybody posted with the game behind the iPad lol