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[Discussion] Interview the player: Hawaiian Lightening

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Aloha iOS Clashers,

I am coming back at you a bit "Quiker" with this post; as you only catch lightening in a bottle once.  Today's interview is with super smooth Hawaiian dude, the one and only DJQuikSilva.  We talk shop with arena, hero bases, and change with in the game.  Lets hear his thoughts.

Q: Aloha and welcome DJ and thanks for coming aboard.  Tell us about the name?  How quick are you?  Do you DJ?

A: DJ is my actual name and growing up I was a pretty good athlete & runner.  So I was known as DJQuikSilva "Quik" or "DJQuik" Silva being my last name.

Q: How long have you clashing?  What do you enjoy most?

A: I started playing Castle Clash last year Christmas morning.  I can't remember if CoC (Clash of Clans) was having a maint break or something but, I just remember having issues logging in.  I enjoy the GRIND, Love watching my bases & heros progress.  I usually like the parts most people

Q: You just recently broke the revite curse.  How is the arena treating you? 

A: Yes ... Having a 4/5 Revite on Aries was rough.  I could almost never hold my position in Arena.  My best mark in Arena before I got a 5/5 Revite  was Top 40 ... I've hit Top 10 many times before but, Arena is a daily/hourly grind, u can't sleep on it if u wanna stay at the top. 

Q: I feel you on that. I went 18 months without rolling a revite 5.  I had lost the faith.  My luck changed when the new talent system came out.  I have rolled four revite 5s since. Speaking of Arena, we are both in the Arena Alliance.  Does being in the alliance help?

A: Yes....for sure being in Alliance is the biggest factor to my long term success.  Once u climb it's easier to HOLD position if u have friends

Q: I found it easier to climb outside of the alliance, as you can always hit your 5 spot.  However, holding a spot (retaining HBs) is much harder solo.  Switching up gears, you have been a champion of running with five hero bases.  List some of your accomplishments.  

A: Ah...yes, the 5 hero base!  It's like my only claim to fame.  Let me give u a lil back story how this all came about.  When I 1st started playing CC, almost every person I spoke to told me to work on getting my 6th hero base 1st before focusing on other things.  Jokingly I said to a guildmate that my 5 heros can do anything ur 6 heros can do & BETTER!

So I shifted my focus to HBM & just 5 hero bases .. For me I use the extra HP from Gold and Mana Vault upgrades better then using Garrison's.  With 5 heros bases I have reached Emperor (about 153k might, currently) I have Passed HBM-S many times ... I farm HBM-Q and the 1st time I beat S was way before all the Wall/Building and hero talent upgrades.  I have passed all Hero Trials L18.  I have also made it to Insane Dungeon 

Q: What are some tips for someone going down the 5 base path?

A: The 5 hero thing for me...u must 1st understand that the game has made and continues to make a lot of changes.  As I was trying to get all my buildings that I needed to LvL 16 ... LR came out with a thing called Merchant.  It was mainly due to not being able to take enough GOLD into LR.  So at that point I stopped building up my silly pumps & ONLY focus on Vaults & Storages.  This lead to me being able to upgrade my TH which gave me more walls to be able to beat higher HBM.

Q: Knowing what you know now, would you have done anything differently?

A: I did what I feel was best given how little time I had in game...I feel it has helped me progress "Quik" in this game...Hit Emperor in 5 month

Q: So with sweeps in play do you find yourself at crossroads pushing forward with the 5 base strategy? I know many are stuggling with 6 bases.

A: So far I'm still able to keep pace with most of the top guys but, with the new game mode.  IGG really messed up the game, which is sad to say.  Due to the "new" sweeping feature (YOU shld ONLY be allowed to sweep dungeon entries that have been TIME accumulated). So u can still sweep but, u can ONLY Sweep once  every 20minsMy goal was to be the ONLY person to ever beat HBM-T with just 5 hero bases but, that dream might be coming to a close...I don't know what I shld do :(  To be honest I've never heard of anyone beating R or S with just 5 hero base

I just want to say Mahalo to Rankdog for taking the time to put this together and Aloha!

PS.  Add DJ at DJQuikSilva (Line Id) if interested in joining his guild Servants2

Lets give DJ some help.  Should he continue rocking with 5 bases or should he change pace to get through the insane dungeons?

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1. Stay the course and beat HBM T

2. Time to switch gears and get that 6th base

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Servants2 4 life baby!! Ios server :game name is isaac_chao :)

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Wow 5 hero bases and those achivements, congrats.

And doing arena with 5 vs 6 heroes in top 100, shows how random arena is now....

U could probably farm r easy with 6 heroes, even s.

nive interview again rankdog, great work!

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Tang e Kim Cuong di ah

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Cho e Kim cuog di ah

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DJ, I think this comes down to a choice of what you want to do. I think it would be better for your account and progression if you built the sixth base, but if you want to be the first, and probably only, person to beat T with only five heroes, go for it.

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Nice work on 5 hero arena DJ, but I think 5 bases is going to start to really hold you back with the new war fuction they are teasing us with.  You can still run HBM with 5 heros and 6 bases.


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Lololol bro get your 6th hero base already! Clear your insane dungeons.

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Awesome interview, Rank and DJ!  Always fun learning tidbits about fellow CCers.

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Thanks so much for the input guys...I am still NOT sure when I'll make my 6th Hero base but, as an update I have reached 4:10 & 3 flamed it :)