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[Discussion] Intereview the Player: JT is All Business

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Hello iOS Clashers,

Next up in our interview the player series is a player who is well known in the iOS Community.  JTisALLBusiness.  Many know him as the top ranked might player and leader of the top shard donation guild Always Hostile.  Or you may know him for his youtube channel JT's Youtube channel!  What you may not know is that JT is a successful business owner and former competitive gamer.  JT and I have spent many hours talking in teamspeak on all things castle clash.  Lets take a peak into his world and get to know him better.

Q: JT tell us a little bit about yourself. I know you well but there are many in the iOS community that don't know you.

A: My real name is kevin. I have a brother named kevin and my dads name is kevin... So therefore I go by "JT" been going by that since I was 5. As for my gaming life I used to travel and play counter strike professionally also played Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 3 professionally made around 25000$ total from my gaming career .. Course not that much overall but I was enjoying life while doing it.. Placed 7th place at cpl Dallas Texas in 2002 for counter strike for 12000$ For those wondering if I play csgo.. The answer is yes I'm a supreme player and my account name is Tayztea if you want to add me. I don't take it serious or have a team.
I love to travel and have been with the same girl for 9 years. I'm a  laid back guy and am willing to help anyone.. Sometimes it's tough in the cc community to help everyone but I try to do what I can.

Q:  Lets get to straight to a hot topic. The Dread Drake video that went viral.  Typically, since I have known you, you don't take the game seriously.  Did the people's reactions bother you at all or did you laugh along with them?

A: This video was made on a friend of mines account iv known for a little while only through the cc community..
He messaged me in game and wanted me to roll on his account for him because he has bad luck rolling Heros.. Of course I said sure I'll roll on anyone's account if it's 20k or more gems.. Just to give the castle clash viewers some good rolling to watch.. I asked him if I rolled dread drake what he wanted after that.. Did he want me to end the video or keep rolling. He said he wanted 5/5 revite.. I had no problem with that I was thinking perfect.. Not only a sweet video for rolling Heros but talents also.. 

I don't read patch updates.. And I for sure don't watch videos of updates..

Ok so then the video was made.. 

My videos are not all live some are live some are not depending on how I want to record.  

So after the video was made I still had to narrate it.. Ok so I narrated the video of rolling 130000 gems.. It wasn't till after I narrated the video that  I noticed I was rolling and talking about rolling 5/5 revite for a hero that was born with it... But I still hadn't posted the video yet.. 

So I had 2 options re narrate the video and act like I was rolling for something else.. 

Or post the video and take all the harsh comments from it.. And honestly I don't get effected from that kind of negativity.. 

Mj8 was at my house while this video was made he's a good friend of mine  he's rank 30 in the game. (We laughed together for 5 minutes after we noticed what happened)

So I decided to post the video and take the heat from it. 

Now on a more serious note.. Do people out there really think if this was my account I would do the same thing? The answer is no I wouldn't. Luckily in the end no "really good" talents were wasted in this.. Before I roll for a Heros talent on my main account I look at the skill and immediately know what I want talent wise on that hero and that's what I put on it.

Q: You are currently number 2 in might for the moment. You have had many challengers to the might crown over the last year or so.  What drives you to stay on top?  

A: I'm not sure if I'll stay #1 in might anymore honestly I'm not a huge fan of dungeon sweeping at all.. Only the future will tell. 

Q: What are you tips for building might?

My biggest advice is never consume or get rid of a hero with 3/5 or higher enlighten.. They always come in clutch for building might. Always put the enlighten on your alt heroes you don't use as your mains.  Never have any workers not working and always have magic spells on cool downs upgrading (if not capped)

Q: What other challenges are there for you? Whats your next big goal?

A: My only challenge left in castle clash is to 3 flame the rest of the dungeons... Which is not hard for my account just havnt had the time to record and do it yet.

Thanks JT for taking the time to do this and taking on some tough questions.

Posted on 11/12/15 11:27:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I can not speak for his ignorance in not reading the patch notes, but it does take a lot of guts and self confidence to post a video knowing that you messed up and willing to take the heat from the internet.

Nice insight into players of cc, I like the all around perspectives and not just a niche of players that is all ranked on the top, keep up the good work Rankdog.

Wesvaroth of 7Seas on iOS
Posted on 11/12/15 3:50:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Funny, I was not aware of this video.  But yeah, in this gaming world full of testosterone, admitting that kind of mistake with a video tells me JT is "happy in his own skin".  Thanks for the interview!

Visualize Whirled Peas
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StarCraft 3? :O
Back to the future?

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Dont need patch notes or watch vids to know about DD. Just read the skill description when you rolled him.

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Nice interview as always rank, congrats!!!!

i never meet u kelvin, but i wonder why dont u do arena or lostbattles? Since i faced most top might players on both game modes and i mostly havent see ur account there...

As for CS is awesome u were pro i havent played it from long time but hshooting and sniper enemies was so fun...