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[Discussion] Interview the Player: Trailblazers!

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Hello iOS Clashers,

In this latest installment of interview the player, I introduce two pioneers who were the first to accomplish major milestones.  I have the sinister Tidecreature from guild Silent Knights and the mighty A.C. from 7seas.  Lets get to know them and celebrate their milestones.

Q: What does AC stand for? The common ideas are Atlanticore, Atlantic City and Air conditioning.  

AC: Hi Rank and all clashers!  First I want to thank u for considering me for this interview and I want to tell u that I enjoy and follow all your interview series.

My in game name A.C. comes from my daughter capital letters real name. Back then I used to play CoC and she wanted to play on my account. So I look for another strategic game and actually created the CC account for her. With time I gain more and more interest on the game and ended up quitting CoC and focus only on CC. But by now im used to be called AC

Q: Your in game name is Tidecreature?  Where did that come from?  Are you a big fan of Titan?  What inspired the name?

TC: Actually I got my name back when PlayStation online came about. I needed a name that sounded awesome! Something sinister! Best I could get was TideCreature and that has been my game ID for some time. If you look me up on the PlayStation network you'll find me there.

Q: Tell us about yourself, and what draws you to CC?

AC: Well, my name is Leo (but AC is ok) I live in Brazil and I have my own construction company. Im 36 and I had always enjoy playing strategy games. I remember playing 1st civilization, simcity, colonization, age of empires, etc… So I have been gaming for some time now.

On CC  first thing that caught my attention was the hero rolling. Back then, I was in a random guild (don’t remember the name). I didn’t know about hbm and hadn’t attempted a boss ever. By then I had already bought some gems, one day I realized that I had higher might than the guild leader,(I had like 15k might), and I decided to leave the guild and started applying to all top 20 guilds. 7seas was the guild that took me in and since then its been my happy home.

Once in 7seas, the whole CC world opened to me and I started playing more and more. My first goal was to perma-stun boss 3, then reaching HBM J, then arena.  The more you play the game gets more competitive, so I guess that competitions is what draws me in.

TC: Actually my 9 year old son got me into castle clash. About two years ago he says to me: "dad check this game out". I've been hooked ever since. Some of the friends I have made on here are awesome and my guild mates are always helpful. Shout out to Hyde and Grey. He plays on here also, although when I started he was on Android.  

I'm a gamer, 40 years old and I love playing these games. 20 years of military services and a helicopter pilot, , these portable games give me something to do when I am away from home and yes I have clashed in flight, I wish I could have taken a picture for one of those events, would have been way cool. It's a way for me to stay in touch more with my children. My two sons and daughter play this game. The act of rolling Heros or asking my son for his advice brings us closer. 

Q: Being first at doing something is considered an achievement, IE the first to climb Mt Everest or the first person on the moon.  In gaming it sets the tone for a guild or an individual.  On iOS you are both  pioneers and part of this series is celebrating achievements.

AC since the introduction of HBM Challenge 2 its been a race to finish and beat HBM T.  Having been through that process myself it takes good developed heroes, a strong base and luck with the spawns. AC you were the first on iOS to beat HBM T.  Walk us through the process, the people involved, and how you felt beating it?

Well, CC is a game so I don’t actually consider beating HBM T an achievement but more as a challenge that was presented. At the beginning I wasn’t much interest in that challenge, but Wesvaroth (friend, guildy and advisor) persuaded me to give it a try. Once I accepted the challenge I made the first “difficult” decision, Changing PD from 5/5 revite to 5/8 zerk then Moltanica from 5/5 revite to 5/5 life drain. Im sure that helped me a lot. Jinki (7seas guild leader back then) is the person that helped me more getting there (actually I belive he should had clear it before me, I just got more lucky). We used to make HBM attempts at different level of inscription on heroes, as on which crest to use on every hero, share bases changes. It was a total team effort with lots of feedback.

When getting all heroes around 90 inscription + we realized that a strong vlad was needed in order to get pass T 1 2 and 3 with all heroes alive. Once we empowered our Vlad and we started to get to T4 and T5 more frequently.

One day in our guild chat someone commented that a player on amazon server (DougOz) had cleared T5.  I watched his video. From there on I was sure that I would pass it sooner or later, since I had better inscription, better skill and better talents. He had a different crest on one hero (revive) because I didn’t have 2 set of them back then. So I was waiting for that 2nd revive crest. Ohhhh another difference that Doug had was better garrisons than me. 

I took all my greens and blues day from 3/9 to 7/9 in one  (this was the second hard decision). After a few days the merchant update was released for iOS then I got my 2nd revive set and passed T5. A few days later Jinki, pass it too. (he had better heroes than me) So I really enjoy that journey and for sure needed a lot of patience.

Tide You were the first to hit 750 flames in dungeons.  This came at time when some were struggling just to get to 4-10 and three flame its.  Tell us about your journey.

TC: I don't have the highest might or am I anywhere near it. But I knew I had the Heros just as strong if not stronger, I decided I would 3 flame all the dungeons, put my mark on CC. I started working on clearing all the insane dungeons,  I started off by watching slit of videos that other gamers had put out, even though no one had three flamed them all, it was a starting point. As I went threw I looked at the Heros being used and made adjustments so I must say thanks to players like Alvatrex. 

Q: What was your biggest mistake in CC? What would you have done differently if you could do things over again?

AC: I had a hard time getting Moltanica so he's kind of my main hero. Back then, Jinki told me to put life drain on him and I did. Moltanica was doing great, but wasn’t helping much in arena. So after rolling a lot for 5/5 ld one day I decided to change Moltanica  to 5/5 revite. Then the new HBM waves showed up and I needed the ld back, so I reroll it.  From that point forwards, I always asked Jinki for confirmation before changing any talent.

TC:  My biggest mistake, when I first started playing I consumed a Cupid, I thought he was a weak hero, put all my time and effort into my Pali.. I didn't know enough about the mechanics of the game... Took me forever to get another Cupid. I found that all Heros have Value, just need to find out where they f

Q: Whats next?  What challenge will chase down next?

AC: Right now I'm slowing down. I'm not very happy on how heroes are designed, especially in player vs player modes. I used to enjoy arena a lot, but skills, inscriptions, talents almost doesn’t matter anymore. It the random DD proc landing first that most often determines the outcome. This happens in Lost Battles also. I hope IGG can deliver new game modes and fix that random stuff.

TC: My next goal will be to three flame the next set of dungeons first.  I'm not into Arena and unless you are in one of the arena teams you can't get very far. With dungeons there is no alliance or team that can help me get to number one first, it's individual effort. Sure we talk about where to drop and what Heros to use, but it's really.. Do you have the Heros or not.

Final words go to AC.

I would like to specially thanks the leaders of our guild (sea7) through time: Jinki, Trata, Val, Ftaqui, Lester, Clam, Stephen, Ven… because leading isn’t any easy and they all did and are doing a great job.
I want to thank all my guildies coz, they make 7seas special!!!
I would like to thanks all alliance friends (from all different guilds) and made arena so fun to play.
And I want to thanks our rivals too, because they pushed me forward and without them there would be no competition. And since there is no reply on battles, I would like to see some of you guys fighting me, since I don’t know how my defense is doing :p

And finally, congratulations and best wishes for you Rank as new CC moderator! (I did this interview around the time I started as moderator)

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Tide said my name!!! *throws underwear at him*

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Very nice interview on 2 of the well established and accomplished players!

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these are great, rank! keep up the good work

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Small correction, it's guild 7Seas not Seas7....

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Congratulations to Tidecreature and Leo for being trailblazers and another worthwhile read Rankdog.

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