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[Discussion] Airplane mode is ruining the game IGG fix this!

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Posted on 5/20/16 1:10:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Being able to use airplane mode for guild wars is tragic for true competitive gaming.  It is essentially cheating.  Its sad that some if not MOST people exploit this loophole in the game.  Me personally am not able to use it because I have a disability and cannot react quickly switching betwee modes as required.   Sure you may say I'm bitter but to be honest I still think it is cheating and probably wouldn't use it anyway.  I'm not sure if other platforms allow for this similar method of getting free do overs if you are not able to beat your opponent.  

I sincerely hope IGG finds a way to remove this exploitable cheat so we can find out who the true best teams and guilds are.  

If you agree post a response.    If you disagree then you probably enjoy cheating at other games too!

Posted on 5/20/16 2:11:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all the greatest Cheat is build into the code. You have infinite tries anyway, so why bother with a cheat?

I am mainly talking about the 180k+ Might Guys. So anyone can 3 flame anyone. Where is the competetion?

The whole guild wars system is whichever guild has more might will win. Can it be more lame?

The only excpetion when a guild with less might wins is when players dont participate cause of real life. So your victory is based on others not having time on a certain day to play? Is anyone proud of this?

Posted on 5/20/16 5:20:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First off its not a cheat and nothing igg can fix.
It is a feature on apple products that cuts off all internet connections.
That said, how would igg fix it?
By setting a lower delay time the server pings your device to see if there a connection, lets say from 1 minute where it currently is, to 20 seconds.
Thats fine, fixes the guild wars "issue" so many are complaining about.
Now what happens? Everytime you walk a tiny bit away from your wifi, or enter a tunnel your phone drops out and you will not have enough time to re establish a connection.
You can live with that maybe, right?
Imagine a million people now coming on the forums to complain about "server issues".
"Igg fix your servers" etc etc.
All it will do is create more issues that dont need to be created.
Most people dont use airplane mode at high levels anyways, they have in the past no doubt and through doing that have already found ways to beat the common base designs.
I dont use it personally and probably never will but to demand a "fix" for an issue that is beyond the developers control is asking a bit too much.
My 2c

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Posted on 5/20/16 5:25:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's not that easy to "fix". The reason why this airplane mode works is, that you dont get disconnected right when your internet goes off. This protects players from "unwanted" disconnects while using a bad connection (it's still a mobile game, so probably a lot of players use 2G/3G/4G to connect).

You cannot disable the notification canter as an app dev. But you can prevent the accidental launch, just disable the status bar. If a user swipes, he will be prompted whether the control centre have to be launched or not (arrow indicator). But thats it.

Plus all users with a jailbroken device can switch the AirplaneMode to any Button/Action they'd like.

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Posted on 5/20/16 4:16:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yoda, yes I agree with you that by cutting the time would certainly create other problems as you mentioned.    So shortening the delay time may not be the way to fix, and honestly I couldnt tell you how to fix it.   But like I did say it really is like a cheat because you are given 5 tries, which you can bail out of before it hits 50% and try again.   Maybe IGG can program something that if you lose connection, that try doesnt count at all, even if connection is re-established.  And honestly do you guys really like the airplane mode cheat?   It works against your guild just as much as it helps.  But the TRUE stats will never be realized because they are inflated by the cheat.

Posted on 5/20/16 5:16:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't use the airplane mode for guild wars, but instead I watch my percentage of damage and if I don't like what I see before 50% I end it. You can do that unlimited times.

Posted on 5/20/16 7:25:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have read many posts on this topic. I will not judge. Personally I have never used this mode. But that's me. Sometimes my scores reflect

Posted on 5/20/16 9:02:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Airplane mode is BS.  I wouldn't go so far as say its game breaking, but it's definitely stupid as hell.

For better or worse, GW is the most competitive feature we currently have (FF isn't being counted yet), and airplane mode further trivializes.

Dungeons are arguably the most important feature to complete for account advancement, and airplane mode trivializes this as well.

Anything that trivializes the most important features of any game is rarely a good thing.

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Posted on 5/23/16 3:38:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are ways to attack and beat top bases that do not require airplane mode. The game is designed with a slight edge more for offense IMO at the moment. So any player that has top-level heroes and knows how to use them intelligently can basically beat *almost* any defense base/heroes out there.

Posted on 5/24/16 2:45:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thoughts on this subject:

1) This subject has already been beat into the ground but I am sure someone else will post another thread in the near future.

2) People like to dramatically imply that this makes such a huge difference in GW. GW is already set to allow infinite attempts so long as you don't go over 50%.  Thats going to be enough for most decent accounts to score a win.  I suppose AP allows you do a mind numbing amount of brute force and pray attempts with Santa and other heroes you normally can't take a chance on.  

That being said, no way AP is going help a crappy account all of a sudden beat a super stacked account.  There is a power gap and AP isnt going to close it.

3)  "If you disagree then you probably enjoy cheating at other games too!" Failed logic there.  I just don't think AP is that big advantage in a game mode that is already designed for infinite attempts.  When my guild loses its because we don't have enough active participation and/or strong enough accounts.  Since both sides can use AP neither side has and advantage.  I personally am not a fan of it but we will see if IGG can fix it.

4) I would rather see AP in the game rather than potentially tripling up on failed HT/HBM/LB fails due to random lag/latency issues.