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[Discussion] Airplane mode is ruining the game IGG fix this!

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Posted on 5/24/16 7:45:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is ok bro, Airplane mode is not restricted for anyone. Everybody can use it, if they want to. You can attack the others using this mode, so do the others when they attack you. I do agree that it helps a player to beat higher might targets but it doesn't mean that he can beat anyone he wants. Anyway, i tried DC mode with 3G in one GW, it was really hard because, the delay time is much shorter, i don't know how long and it gets disconnected all the time.

In GW, i think for a full guild, it is better to have everybody at the same might level/strength then having the top 5 super high and the rest low and weak, but this can't be done lol.

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Posted on 5/24/16 12:28:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

iOS doesnt expose the ability to detect airplane mode to the coders so they cant directly detect it like they can in android.
Also when airplane is activated the device goes into "virtual wifi" which holds the connection as if active for a period of time to see if a handover takes place before dropping.
Its part of what makes iOS more tolerant to weak connections, so not a whole lot that can be done about it.

Posted on 5/26/16 3:50:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just to address a few points specifically to the OP.

-The argument isn't whether AP is right or wrong.  Its clearly not an intended design feature by IGG.  Its about impact.  Your thread title states AP is ruining the game.  I am going to assume you are speaking specifically about GWs.  Up until GWs no one complained about it even though its been around since the game's inception.  I will discuss true impact in a moment. I just wanted to make you acutely aware of had you went blissfully ignorant of existence of airplane mode you would have no reason for this thread.  

The fact your perception of Castle Clash from the time your started playing til this point seems to be based on the fact you were unaware of Airplane mode.  Now that you are aware of its existence you feel the game is ruined.  I might suggest forgetting about and going back to playing the game as you always have.

-I am a network engineer by trade.  When deciding whether make a network change, we first measure the impact of the problem vrs impact of making a change to address the problem.  By changing the way the client interacts with the native features in iOS it may end up doing more damage to the overall quality of the product.  Truthfully how much sway does this feature create in Guild Wars?  Both sides can use it.  Its limited to a specific time frame before you time out.  As stated before the game mode design is for unlimited chances below 50%.  Sure there are a few situations where random luck can be tested without being left in undesirable 50% to 99% range.  Those scenarios aren't great enough to risk the overall game quality in my opinion.

In summary, I don't think the game is suddenly ruined.  I would rather have a stable game client than risk it for one game mode.

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Like I said in my other, Airplane Mode is not the issue. Just cap maximum attempt per attack to 1 only.

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Posted on 6/25/16 10:40:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I say once you start, you are dedicated.  no 50% anymore. That would fix it, just like how Lost battlefield is.  I think that IGG should rid of GW until fixed.  Its ruining guilds. No nobody wants high mights anymore cause 120k mighters can 3 flame which is a bunch of bs.  To say that everyone that attacks top 5 high might gets 100% is ridiculous.   AP is plain ruining GW.  I hope IGG fixes this soon and we will see who the true top guilds in GW are.

Posted on 6/26/16 7:14:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think this is about to get really exciting........ Sitting comfortably in the sofa with big bowl of popcorn and fizzy drinks.


Whine and whine!!!!

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Closing this thread, the horse dead let us end the beatings.