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"There is a new Castle Clash Calculator in the App and Google Play stores.

With this app you can add your own heroes and see their real statistics, such as ATK and HP. On the overview page, you can sort/order the heroes by: Talent, Inscription level, Crest sets or Skill level.

- This way you can easily find or have an overview of your heroes.

The App also includes a Pet overview section, where you can see what your pets stats are as well as their skills. Using the sliders you can easily view their true values at different levels.

When you have finished entering your information, such as: Buildings, Artifacts, Troops and Magic levels as well as your highest 3 flamed dungeon and Pet levels, you can now use that information to calculate a variety of things, including the following:

- REAL effective ATK and PD stack calculations

- Dungeon sweeping values, such as how many gems it will cost you for certain levels / goals and how many shards you can expect on average (This takes into account both your highest dungeon 3 flamed and your Pet % bonus to dungeon xp).

- Life Drain calculations, based on the total HP of a hero (This also includes Goblet of Life and / or Hero Base defense bonuses)

- Shards required for Skill upgrades (What skill level you can expect to reach from a certain amount of shards as well as how many shards it takes to get to a certain skill level).

- An overview of books gained from Evolution

- Inscription calculations, such as how many blue crystals would be required from your current to desired level (Also tells you how much might you will gain from this increase).


Alongside the Calculator, we also have a built in friend and Guild member section.

If you add a friend or Guild member and he/she accepts your invitation you are then able to:

- View their added heroes, including all their specifications.

- View their entered setups for various game modes (Including their Skill levels, Artifacts, Pets and Crests).

- View their Pets and Pet levels

You have the option to disable sharing for any of the above.


Lastly we have the Hero Creator page.

In this section you can create your hero setups exactly how you want a hero to be. For example, if you want to create a: Demogorgon, Devo, Level 200, 8/8 BW and a WG5 Crest set which is inscribed to 100... well, you can!

You can create any combination you want for any hero! Based on the information you added, you can the. see their ATK and HP values.

- You can only create a max of 6 different heroes for your hero setups.

Now comes the best part...
...we built a comparison page!

You can choose a hero from your own hero overview page and compare this with the new hero you have created! Using this you can view the differences in stats between these heroes - this is particularly useful if you're trying to decide on what to do next and how much you'll gain from your choices.

For example, you can compare a 7/8 BW to an 8/8 BW on Trixie Treat to see the ATK and HP difference before making the decision to upgrade.

This can be done for any combination, just create the hero and compare, simple! It's an amazing way of truly comparing ATK and HP values of different hero combinations.


We are also working on a new feature at the moment that will allow you to compare your hero to that of a friend or Guild members hero.

The App is currently only available in English, but we are working on translations for other languages. The first set of languages we are currently looking into adding are: German, Italian, Russian and French.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on LINE: Maucer-nl


Guild: DUTCH

LINE: Maucer-nl
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Not sure that link is correct.   Also could not find in App Store.  Can you tell me the exact title so I can try and find in apple App Store

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Kind of greedy asking $3 for your app considering we don't know it's accuracy and knowing there are others like it for free

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Guild: DUTCH

LINE: Maucer-nl
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Heartbeat is added to the app

Guild: DUTCH

LINE: Maucer-nl
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I'm not paying £3 for that !!!!

Posted on 2/18/17 5:03:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's an amazing app, EASILY worth the money! Thanks Maucer!

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