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[Discussion] Hero Focus

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Posted on 2/7/17 11:33:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First time poster here.  I just picked up Lil' Nick and am feeling a little lost with my Hero Focus.  I'm farming expert dungeon 7 (level 10) and HBM level S.  I figured once I got Lil Nick to level 160 I'd go back to leveling six heroes again, but I'm struggling to pick the right six.  I've got an idea what talents and crests I should have, I'm just not there yet.  In the end it might not matter but I figured I'd ask for advise and see what I get. Here is a snapshot of my hero list. There are others but these are my best.

HeroLevelSkill LevelTalent LevelCrest Level Inscription Level
Aries176e8/10Revit 5/5Sprint 391
Vlad173e8/10WG 7/8Bulwark 392
PD168e8/10Bul 3/8Revit 392
Ghoul163e7/10Enlighten 5/5Tenacity 391
Orksbane157e6/10Bul 6/8Berserk 190
GF147e7/10LD 2/8Bulwark 392
SK1818/10Scatter 5/8LD 394
Druid1806/10LD 3/8Revit 287
Dracax1717/10Bul 6/8WG 291
Val1707/10Revit 4/5Breserk 390
Cupid1608/10BS 5/8SD 385
Warlock1605/10Revit 2/5Revive 282
PK1606/10Corrode 5/5 81
Siren1585/10WG 5/8DS 279
HQ1555/10Scatter 4/8WG 285
Lil Nick1555/10Revit 1/5Bulwark 286
Spirit1404/10HB 4/8WG 280
Candy Kane     

Posted on 2/8/17 12:33:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i would start with a focus on dungeon heroes as this will help you advance much faster.  With the heroes you have (and some leveling) you could be sweeping insane dungeons.

I would focus on spirit, cupid, val, warlock and druid. use along with pd and warlock/ghoul (depending on dungeon). focus on clearing dungeons and 3 flaming the final dungeon of each set (getting to insane 1-10 should be fairly easy).