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[Discussion] Garisons

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Posted on 2/9/17 4:55:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ive never focused on my garrisons, they've always been left weak, so I just sank 36k shards into my blue heroes for garrisons, I only have 5 towers right now, they are all at 4 at the moment, I'm gonna take them to 5 and leave them there, but it had me wondering, how much shards does it cost to get six blues and six greens to 9/10 required for max garrisons, so I did some rough math, and the total came to around 650,000 shards, like damn, is this even worth the amount, considering having your green and blue garrisons at 5/7 costs only around 165,000 shards total(none of this is including legendary garisons, as I assume most people have enough legends to fill in easy) , i have one question though to the people who have maxed all your garrisons

Is the jump from 5-6 even worth it and also from 6-7 too?

Posted on 2/14/17 12:41:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To take one blue garrison 1 to 9 it would be 64,950 shards. For 6 towers its 389,700 total shards.  
To take one green tower from 1 to 9 it would be 43,300. For 6 towers its 259,800 total shards.

I have only taken one blue to 7 the rest are at 6.  Because I use primarily magic towers, and there is no benefit past 5 for greens. My green are left at 5.

Some heroes like Shaman, Frost Witch, Triton, and Ice Demon have situational uses and are worth rising there skill for game play.

Hope that helps.

Posted on 2/15/17 12:19:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Garrisons are relatively important, and definitely worth raising.  Exactly how high, depends on the player.  To me, I think reaching garrison 5 isn't difficult, so I would shoot for a minimum of 7/5/5.

I don't think taking blues/greens to 6 are that crucial, but I also don't get targeted in GW.  Garrison 5 has been good enough so far for the rest of the game modes I use garrisons for.

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