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[Discussion] Android Release notes for the upcoming update.

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Posted on 2/10/17 10:15:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Added new Hero - Heartbreaker
Hero Skill Name: Heart Attack
Hero Skill Description: 
Deals X% ATK DMG to 2 nearby enemy targets every Xs for Xs and reduces their Energy by X. Also restores HP equal to X% of DMG dealt. Cooldown: Xs. Critical hits from skill and basic attacks deal 2.5x DMG. Heartbreaker is permanently immune to Stun and Fear.

2. Added new Pet - Auroria
Pet Skill Name: Swarm of Doom
Pet Skill Description:
Has a X% chance to deal X% Pet ATK DMG to X random nearby enemy Heroes and stun them for Xs when its Hero is attacked. Cooldown: Xs.

1. Incubated Pet Eggs can now be hatched in succession in Pet Plaza.
2. Pet Plaza will now display an effect when Incubation is complete. 
3. Changed appearance of Lv 15 Wall.
4. Increased Heroes Altar maximum slots by 1. 
5. Increased Warehouse maximum slots by 10. 
6. Added more aesthetic effects to Guild Turf Buildings.
7. Fixed issue causing [Here Be Monsters] to end abnormally.
8. Re-positioned “Hire with Soulstones” button within Heroes Altar. (After “Hire with Shards” button)
9. Changed background to grassland.
10. App icon and loading screen changed.
11. Fixed issue with building Level Up times (occurs after the building is destroyed during a raid.)