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[Discussion] Insane Dungeon 2.1 3 Flame Help

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Posted on 3/8/17 11:24:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've been at for months and can't get more than 70%.  Hers what my team was for the highest completion.

Vlad 2x Evolve, 8/10 Skill, 7/8 Bers, lvl 3 WG, 100 Ins, and Drako pet
Druid 1x Evolve, 8/10 Skill, 4/8 Revive, lvl 3 FG, 90 In, and Bubblow pet
PD 1x Evolve, 8/10 Skill, 5/5 Revite, lvl 3 Bers, 94 ins, and Little Havok pet
Santa 1x Evolve, 9/10 Skill, 3/5 Revite, lvl 3 WG, 85 Ins, and Finix pet
Mino, 9/10 Skill, 5/8 Bers, lvl 2 DS, 80 Ins, and Doom Balloon pet
Treant, 7/10 Skill, 3/8 Revive, lvl 3 Bul, 81 Ins, and Yulephant pet

Others I have tried
SK 1x Evolve, 9/10 Skill, 7/8 DS, lvl 3 LD, 95 Ins, Aviar Pet
TG 1x Evolve, 8/10 Skill, 5/8 Bers, lvl 3 Bul, 94 Ins, and Celesin pet
Ares 1x Evolve, 8/10 Skill, 3/5 Revite, lvl 3 Sprint, 91 Ins

I put down Frenzy in the lower right corner and use SS to get the Mino too.  Set PD first, then others and then the damage increase spell.   When it's getting rough I throw GS down.  I don't know if I'm unlucky or if my setup is off.

Posted on 3/8/17 1:46:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It would help if you post all your heroes.  That said, do you have a Ghoulem?

Ghoulem tank at the bottom has been extremely successful for me across all my accounts.  Replace druid for GH.

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Posted on 3/8/17 5:10:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pd,santa, mage, Druid,Cupid, mino. Plus you want wargod on your mino.

Posted on 3/9/17 1:02:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

you can use mino instead sb. gl