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[Discussion] Who are the top "must have game changer" heroes?

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Posted on 3/13/17 2:01:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm talking about the newer heroes.  Please don't include Pumpkin Duke, Aries, Valentina or Cupid.  Although they used to be "must haves" in not even sure if they are anymore.  

I don't have demogorgon or Michael and I'm thinking those would top the list.   I generally avoid bases that have them both, especially d'evod.   And my might is 225,000 so I'm not exactly a weak player.

Posted on 3/13/17 7:54:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm warming to Michael now that mine is 180ee, 9/10, and 6/8 FG.  He has replaced PD in my GW attacks.  He's also helped bolster my 3rd LBF team.

Nick and Trixie are situational, although have a seriously high "fun" factor.  Nick is a game changer only if you are a proponent of the "Mino Base Slam" GW attack technique.

GrimFiend is only recent hero whose absence will really hurt your account.

Visualize Whirled Peas
Posted on 3/13/17 12:52:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The "must-have" argument depends a lot on what you consider "must-do" goals.  My must-do list is the following:

1) Sweep ID6-10
2) Sweep HBM AF
3) 3000+ points in GW
4) 1000+ points in LBF
5) At least Rank 501-1000 in AD
6) 3 Minute lock Boss 5

None of the new heroes (Revanent and up) are necessary for any thing I just listed, so I do not consider any of them must-have.

IMO, the closest thing to a must-have hero we've had recently is Trixie, for AD.  That said, she's still not absolutely necessary to have, unlike say... PD.

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Posted on 3/14/17 6:10:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First off PD/Aries/Cupid may have lost their shine a bit but they are still must have.  

Arch Demon will depend on which one.

Heroes I use depending on demon:

Beast Tamer
Death Knight

I would use Heart Breaker if I had her.