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[Discussion] Help for an oldie...

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Posted on 3/29/17 7:14:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Appreciation and Update:

First, thanks to everyone that chimed in!  The assistance was much needed!

Second, I've started to get back into the groove of everything...I think. So much the game has progressed to! It's given me a new appreciation for the time you higher ranked players have put in.  Just think if I would have stuck to it where I'd be.  I'm focusing on completing quest now and playing every part of the game. The best part about this is figuring out all the new heroes and how to use them. I don't remember my last hero update, but I recently acquired HB, DK, CK, and Treantaur.  I'm really liking HB so far!

Thanks again for the help!  Look forward to reading your post!

Posted on 4/2/17 10:26:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Click the arrow on the bottom of the screen and it will showcase all heroes and all their skills at all levels.

sorry late reply