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[Discussion] What's the highest level pets? And do you level their skills?

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Posted on 3/31/17 3:00:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My golds are 11, all others are 20, except Auroria is 10.
Just curious what level pets cap at.
Are you leveling your pet skills?  I've leveled mine to 3 using spare useless heroes from rolls, but not sure if I should continue leveling pet skills, or have my main heroes consume blue and greens to get to 10/10 a little bit faster.
Thanks in advance

Posted on 3/31/17 3:31:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not a spender, so I'm on the f2p train for eggs.

Legends mostly 11, ordinaries 21. Auroria is close to 11 if I remember that correct.

Yes all pets are skilled to the max they can. But I get your point, on a _lower level_ (sorry dunno how far you're in the game yet) its quite a lot of ressources to put into such "unnecessary" things like pets.

But pets are great, sometimes a pet proc can turn the whole situation around. Imo celestine, aviar, havoc, mini angi are the most important. But it really depends on your playstyle as well as heroes and how they are used (for example: my dd is devo 5 corrode, goblet of life, life drain crest + aviar. Really nice tank, while others use him more to deal more DMG with WG or BW).

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Posted on 3/31/17 8:07:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What hero do you feel compelled to raise to 10/10?  That's something for the big spenders to do.  I've played two accounts (242K & 237K) for +2.5 years, and I have ZERO 10/10 heroes.  

What I do have is Pets with maxed skills.  If you keep up with them, you only have to skill a Pet every few weeks.  IMO, non-skilled Pets is a mistake many mid-level players make.  You use those Pets in every game mode.  You have a better chance to win if your pets are better than your opponents, especially for mid-level players.

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Posted on 3/31/17 1:03:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In my few years of playing I haven't bought that many gems.  I have Spirit Mage from a couple years ago cuz my boys wanted to buy gems to open eggs.  A lot of my gems I got from free gems and tapjoy.
I haven't bought gems in probably a year.
I have 2 heroes at 10/10 - PD and SK.  SM is 9/10 and SB is halfway to 10/10.  My other main heroes are 8/10.  I'm missing several legendary heroes, but slowly trying to get them

Posted on 3/31/17 1:08:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm just really curious what is the highest level pets can reach.  25/30?  Higher?  And also, if you level their skills or are you focusing on leveling heroes?
Like I said previously, if I roll for heroes and get greens or blues, I feed those to my pets and have my heroes consume the slimes.  Just the way I do it

Posted on 3/31/17 3:28:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Max level is 35.

I level all the pet skills.  Pets level up slow enough that leveling a pet's skill doesn't really affect my game all that much.

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