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[Discussion] 158K MIGHT LOOKING FOR team doing lava 3 regularly

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Posted on 4/5/17 4:04:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hi there
my name in CC GameWorm Peacebypain guild LINE ID: m.grain
i have 85 card for lava 3 i need team to run it with me ,my team composed of:-
PD 186lvl single evo, 10/10, revit5/5, 100 inscribe,LD3 crests or zerk 4crests
GR 180lvl devo 10star,9/10, sprint 5/5, 90 inscribe,revive 3 crests
Tree 200lvl single evo,8/10, enlighten 5/5, 90 inscribe ,revive 3 crests
ghoulem 180lvl single evo 10star,8/10, 7/8 bulwark, 95 inscribe, revit 4 crests
PK 180lvl single evo 10star, 8/10, 5/8 slowdown, 90 inscribe, revive 3 crest
my altar

Posted on 4/6/17 2:05:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yo message me on line danboi2010 we need two teams to put together a lava 3 team and need good players like yaself we have the arc team and id team covered just need the others and looks like u can fill it easy

Drop pd watch the magic happen