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[Discussion] Since our mods don't think we rate this info....

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Posted on 5/7/17 6:35:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you go to your green arrow at the bottom of your screen, select the hero book, you can select each hero and it will tell you the process you need to obtain said hero.  Not every hero is able to be obtained through gem rolls.  Some are official events only.  For instance Demogorgon... the person who wrote the above message misspoke.  Not a big deal!  I'm sure all of you complaining have never made a mistake...
You already know the odds of obtaining heroes is completely random.
I stopped buying gems a few years ago.  The only hero I've "paid" for is spirit mage.  I don't pay to do official events.  I don't gem for talent rolls unless it's through the quest so I'll get my gems back.  I've rolled great heroes on a 150 roll and I've gotten some awesome slimes on a 450 roll

Posted on 5/7/17 9:48:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I do find it interesting that the original post I am complaining about was deleted from the android forum...I guess that is an admission of idiocy...

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Look what I just got on a 150 gem roll.......

Posted on 5/8/17 9:48:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This discussion has ran its course.
It alpears you choose not to use common sense and to ignore the pretences  that the statement was given.
Whilst it is not possible to roll an Event ONLY hero using gems, the statement was made on the pretence that people who roll their gems for heroes have common sense and are aware of this.
You know which heroes are available when you roll your gems and the statement was made to inform you that it is possible to roll any of those desired available heroes on a single hero roll, regardless of the wording.
If you choose to ignore the obvious and misinterpret its meaning, thats on you.
Good day sir

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