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[Discussion] My plan for CC

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Posted on 5/13/17 10:25:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Im 108k might with decent heroes, shitty talents
Im looking forward to building a Lava 3 team soon after i get my grim to lvl 160
Im also looking forward to devo my mino with 40k shards, i have a dupe
Im gonna continue insane dungeons until i atleast get to 5-10 im at 3-5 atm
Im short on hb atm and shards
I have no guild just left Red Armys due to lack of active players (lost torch 2 in a row)
I prefer a guild with teams farming lava 3 and doing bosses 3/4/5 i prefer both
Looking at all this, i should have it all done in 2 months or less
My Pk is 140 capped 5/10 (s**t talent)
Tree is 140 capped 4/10 (s**t talent)
(These heroes were useless before lava 3)
I have molt 160 capped 7/10 Scatter 5/8
I have most useful heroes
This game gonna keep me busy

P2p all the way.
Posted on 5/14/17 9:45:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lots of work to do. Good thing you're joining a top guild