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[Discussion] Main team help

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Posted on 7/8/17 10:32:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have had some trouble deciding on a main team, If someone could give me some advice that would be nice. I'll list my heroes here:
PD 160-5/5 revite-7/10
Vlad 157-2/8 revive-6/10
Michael 153-6/8 blade shell-6/10
Aries 140-1/8 Life drain-5/10
Orksbane 140-5/8 war god-5/10
Warlock 140-5/5 heaven's wrath-6/10
Treantaur 140-2/8 tenacity-2/10
DD 140-4/8 condemnation-5/10
PK 140-4/8 zerk-4/10
Grimfiend-3/8 stone skin-5/10
Trashaxe-3/8 blade shell-5/10
Lil' nick-5/8 life drain-5/10
Heartbreaker-4/8 slowdown-6/10
Cupid 101-1/8 bulwark-2/10
The rest are trash but I also have pixie, death knight, beast tamer, harpy queen, and candy kane

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Posted on 7/8/17 10:54:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Warlock Aries dd Cupid nick for gw sniping

Pd Cupid vlad hb Druid/ghoulem for dungeons

Work on one hero at a time until Evo then move to the next. Probably want to concentrate on 6th hero base

Posted on 7/10/17 4:21:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think it would be best to post the game modes that are most important to you, and where you stand in said game modes.

To me, "Main Team" should be your Dungeon Team.  Sweeping Dungeons is absolutely critical for account growth.  Shards will be in demand.

That said, the 6 heroes I would be sweeping are:  PD, Cupid, Druid, DD, Nick, Vlad.  You could also swap out Vlad for HB, however, I have no experience with HB in the early-mid game.

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