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[Discussion] EZ GW Sheet v5.3 - Free and Easy to use! dl or request access today to use!

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Posted on 7/15/17 2:15:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys!

I'm back with my newest version of my spread sheet. I have made a lot of changes to the sheets to help the community out in various ways. First I have actually edited my sheet for 3 different versions so that leaders can pick the one that fits their needs the best. 

These 3 versions are called:

"EZ Simple GW sheet" - VERY simple and basic. no extra features. very little set up. Only requires guild rank and members might/points for on going display to be kept up

"EZ GW Sheet" - VERY simple and basic set up like the Simple sheet, but allows you to do one extra feature. Allows you to set up a GW Point Chart. This chart will change the color of the points on both the main page and the history page to green or red based on if a member meets the required points or not

"EZ Deluxe GW Sheet" - This sheet unlocks all the bonus features of the sheet. To keep the sheet updated you only need 1 additional piece of information, and that is the top 5 mights that your guild is facing each war. As far as the initial set up or set up you can do when you are ready, You can edit the pp1k page and you can even create a nice graphical display of your GW Point Chart.

Along with giving you a choice on which sheet you want based on what is displayed for your guild, I have also added in a whole new feature to the deluxe version. In the deluxe version you can now add in the top 5 mights that your guild is facing among the other guilds for each war. The sheet will compare this information to each member of your guild. Based on each members might it will give you a max obtainable points and a % of max that you earned. And it will also show this number in a color based on what the % is.

Questions and Comments and Requests and Complaints are ALL WELCOME to me. Please feel free to message me on Line chat @LineID trryuse2

I am helpful, creative, and understanding. I will gladly help you customize a sheet just for you and your needs for your guild. You, as a user of the sheet, are where I get my best of ideas and expand on that to help everyone out with a better more efficient and user friendly sheet. Thank you for everything!

Here are the Links to each sheet so you can check them out and download them.

*EZ Simple GW Sheet v5.3:
   With example Data:
   With no Data:
*EZ GW Sheet v5.3:
   With example Data:
   With no Data:
*EZ Deluxe GW Sheet v5.3:
   With example Data:
   With no Data:

Pictures Coming soon!

Thanks for checking out the sheet. I'm glad it helps those that use it. I hope it can help out many more guilds over time!