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[Discussion] Looking for Lava Isle & Infernal Summit teams

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Posted on 7/18/17 8:48:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As the subject says I'm looking for a team for Lava Isle (2 or 3) and Infernal summit.  Here are the heroes I have:

Druid200 EE 8/108/8 Revive100
Pumpkin Duke200 EE 9/108/8 Beserk100
Anubis200 EE 9/108/8 Bulwark89
Molt200 EE 8/108/8 Scatter85
Pixie200 EE 8/104/8 Berserk88
Cupid200 EE 9/105/5 Revite90
Ghoulem166 EE 7/104/5 Enlighten81
HeartBreaker160 EE 7/104/5 Enlighten84
SK187 E 8/105/5 Corrode90
Aries180 E 8/105/5 Revite90
Vlad180 E 8/108/8 Bulwark90
Spirit Mage180 E 7/105/5 Enlighten90
Warlock180 E 7/107/8 Heavy Blow85
Santa160 E 8/103/8 war god90
Tree160 E 8/108/8 Revive90
Michael160 E 8/108/8 Tenacity85
Mino163 E 7/102/5 Enlighten85
Ronin180 7/105/5 Enlighten80

Posted on 7/21/17 1:05:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Any more Scatter? Crests or other heroes?

I'd assumed this is just a fraction of all your heroes.

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Posted on 7/23/17 8:50:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There used to be a pretty active Lava3 Line Chat for pick up groups.  Not sure if it's still running, but if is, hopefully someone that is a part of it will chime in.

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Posted on 7/24/17 6:33:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ios lava message pocay or dru in line for a add

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