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[Discussion] So.... fame

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I want moar!

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Hello, I was just wonderin if everyone would please give me all their fame for my personal use. Please and thank you.....

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Interesting. I had wanted to make the following suggestions to IGG;

This game resource gathering source needs to be re-balanced badly and quickly.

The resource allocation as is now eg daily log-in, rewards for quest like shards and such existed before IGG started the monthly hero release. But resource shortage is a part strategy of the game which just needs to be managed and was manageable then.

However the case for re-balancing the resource gathering has occurred when IGG started to dish out a new hero every month [needs shards or 4 dupe cards to bring to devo] and the addition of the Equipment feature which is so resource hungry eg fame.

Considering the new features eg new monthly heros and equipment, the old resource gathering/rewards are just not enough to get even close to matching the consumption rate. Not even as a resource allocation strategy. It just makes the game "un-fun" to play.

The longer term solution is to consider upping the resources given out as rewards but the shorter term solution is to make resource like fame available in purchase packs. However putting it in resource packs would put the F2P at a disadvantage hence the re-balancing needs to be done on an asap basis for the benefit of all.

Having stated the above, I am pretty sure there are those who do not face this issue at all and these are probably the top 5-10% of players with real spending powers and have accumulated more resources than they need, perhaps. However, the probability is high that the majority of players will be having these resource difficulty simply because it is no longer near being balance.

I do hope the Moderators who can be the ears and eyes for IGG will bring this resource un-balance concept to the right people at IGG so that they can at least consider re-balancing the resource allocation sources.

Make the game fun to play.

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Yes, definitely a big issue right now.

To an extent, with all these features and more gems spending it's starting to choke the game.

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