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[Discussion] Insane 5-10 3 flame.

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Posted on 8/18/17 12:48:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok I'm trying to 3 flame insane 5-10 I've looked up lots of videos and seen many guides but can't seem to get reliable results. Any suggestions on what heroes to use for 5-10 bc it seems like drop point will be the same.
Lil nick: devo 200 9/10 4/8 bw
Pumpkin duke: devo 180 9/10 7/8 life drain
Ghoulem: devo 180 10/10 8/8 bw
Vlad: devo 180 9/10 8/8 wg
Pk: devo 177 7/10 6/8 scatter
Sk: devo 175 9/10 5/8 ds
Santa: devo 165 9/10 3/5 revit
Cupid: evo 200 9/10 4/5 revit
Sm: evo 180 8/10 4/8 zerk
Tg: evo 174 6/10 5/8 slowdown
Gr: evo 174 7/10 5/8 ld
Grimfiend: evo 174 9/10 4/8 tenacity
Treantaur: evo 170 8/10 5/8 revive
Dread drake: evo 170 8/10 6/8 stone skin
Druid: evo 170 6/10 5/8 stone skin

Posted on 8/18/17 11:26:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Team:  Ghoulem, PD, Cupid, SM, Santa, and Grim.  

After SS, Grim will be placed (first) North of the other 5 heroes.  There does not seem to be any "best" Artifact/Pet/Crests combo for Grim.  I suggest you start with Eye/Auroria/BW.  Grim will take on the North part of the map.  It's also okay if he kills some things and joins the team just before they're ready to kill the SK.

The problem is usually dealing with the other two SK's in the middle of the map. 


1) Use Moxie flag if you're in a large guild.
2) See if you can master the technique of dropping GA on your grouped heroes just before they kill the SK.

Good luck!

P.S. There may be a video showing Grim's placement.

Visualize Whirled Peas
Posted on 8/19/17 5:13:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm still a fan of the old fashion, "Tank on the SK and wipe everything with SM" plan.

That said:


You could also replace DD with SB, since your SB is devo, but I've always been a huge for of DD in Insane Dungeons.

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