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[Discussion] Username or screen name

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Posted on 9/10/17 9:26:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey y'all. How can you tell what your account username is? When you log on it say "welcome and so" if you switch accounts it's email. And on screen during play, above your might level it's another. Appreciate the help

Posted on 9/11/17 2:50:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The "Welcome" name is your Game Center (GC) name.  Every GC account requires an email address, and you can set your GC name to whatever you like.  You can also change that name to whatever you want in the GC settings on your iOS device.

The name above your might is your In-Game Name.  If I recall right, you get the option to make an in-game name for yourself once you reach a certain might level.  Your in-game name cannot be changed unless you use an "eraser" which is a relatively expensive item to get.

For forum events, we are always looking for your In-game name.  The GC name hasn't been used for anything so far.

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