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[Discussion] Public Lava 3 Ground Rules

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Posted on 11/4/17 2:24:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It’s come to my attention that we can now do lava3 without a permanent team. Because of new heroes, more stronger

Simply jump into the pool and get matched with others.

But it is not something 100% sure that you’ll win. Because of some stupid mistakes others have.

Here are my rules for 100% winning rate on public Lava3.

1. No trixie treat.
2. No rockno nor any closed ranged heroes move with fast speed like rockno.
3. Must have dps heroes.

That’s it.

Need any explanation?

Posted on 11/4/17 10:43:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've been doing public lava 3 for months.. My rules are, I take the protection point, there must be at least one other gunslinger besides mine, and at least one other tree besides mine.. All players must be dbl Evo, or single Evo if they have a slinger... I lose about 1 in 10 battles at up to this point..  Was able to use 70 of my cards which was nice I was saving them for a nice lava 3 farm... Neway for those that don't know, public l3 is no sweat these days, but don't show up if your weak, ppl won't roll with you, make sure you bring something to the table and be high evo... Every1 needs a pd also..