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[Discussion] iOS Update vs Android Update ?!

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Posted on 11/14/17 9:15:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello there guys,

Just like you guys know android just got a sneak peak of cristman update hero, And like u all I am also wondering why we iOS user still don't have the update , I know that due to some issue Apple Store is not approving it ,what could possibly be so bad.

Also are we iOS going to recieve any compensation regarding this matter or are they just gonna hand over 300Gems to us

Kindly IGG please improve the gaming code and the game it self and give us iOS users some Love to :P

I hope you all my iOS friends feel the same .
Thanks and CLASH ON :)

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Posted on 11/14/17 10:09:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The update is the compensation.

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Posted on 11/14/17 3:27:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

MOmer, There are a few things you should consider:

* You can't compare Android to iOS or English to TW (as per your titlea) as each server / platform is a stand alone, which means content can and often does differ from server to server & platform to platform.

* What makes you think that anything was wrong with the coding of the update submission?  Based on the information I received the update met the same guidelines as all the previous updates submitted for the last 4yrs+.  Perhaps you should do more research before making incorrect comments/suggestions.

*  Why would you feel that you should get compensation because your platform administrator decided to back peddle and not approve the same update that again has been submitted and approved for the last 4yrs+.?

*  How about taking your questions to Apple and while you are at it ask them when they will approve the update?  As I am sure IGG is too busy jumping through hoops to try and get it to their members as quickly as possible?

*Finally if they do feel the same, they would be just as wrong.  Again I have no doubt that IGG is working nonstop to deal with the curve ball handed to them by Apple, since it negatively impacts them not having the content released, so if you want to complain I suggest you take it there, and ask Apple what compensation they will be providing for rejecting the submission?  I would be very interested to know.


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Posted on 11/14/17 4:35:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It has been stated in other threads that apple does not want a company to flood the App Store with multiple versions of the same game. Just because igg got away with it for the past 4 years doesn’t mean it should be allowed to continue that way. Apple has already stated their guidelines/rules/etc and Igg needs to comply to do business. Apple has basically stated igg is needs to fix to comply, thus this is on igg.

One of the big draws to playing an app game is the versions being the same cross platform. While this is not required I don’t how it is an advantage to have different versions when content is not exclusive. Thus players feel because iOS is simply behind android there should be additional compensation for making iOS players essentially wait. I happen to agree with the players as this delay is on igg, not apple.

Posted on 11/14/17 8:06:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As per my last talk to IGG, they said that issue with Apple was about Russian server update, there is no such things happend with English server.

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Posted on 11/14/17 9:21:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just remember about 2 or 3 years ago,  get introduced to castle clash by my friend...he play on android server and i play it on my ipod touch...

Love this game so much, i keep play cc until now... My friend that introduced me this game already retired.   5 month ago i buy ipad mini just to keep play this game bcoz my ipod touch cant play it anymore...

Cmon apple... Approve the update... Or my ipad mini will become useless lol

Posted on 11/15/17 9:15:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Only thing that Apple did wrong in this case is they found out so late that igg is releasing same app multiple times. I’m nearly 100% sure that igg was fully aware of App Store TOS, we all know igg is all about money so they decided to cheat for extra penny and finally got caught end of story.

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Posted on 11/15/17 3:40:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since there is no information, it could be IGG.  Or it could be Apple.  No one really knows, and I think that's the biggest problem.

Someone knows, and that someone should at the very least be communicating with the server, in-game.

Even if it's all IGG's fault, if all they said was "Hey, sorry but we screwed up.  We are working hard to fix and will have adequate compensation once the problem is solved."  Would quell the fires, at least for now.

If its all Apples fault, there should be no reason at all to say that.

No communication is what's really killing the situation.

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Posted on 11/15/17 4:05:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, I personally think they're packaging the 2 new updates together for us on ios, and are gonna release it in a little over a week. They had a compensation of 800 fame a while back when a maintenance lasted longer than expected, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect one now.

Posted on 11/15/17 4:48:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

All of us is better to stop spending until IGG fix the issue.