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[Discussion] ARTIFACTS - fill in the blanks

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And go.....

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Blitz: PD
Garuda: Aries
Goblet: SK, Ghoul & Diabo or Micheal
Strife: Santa, Warlock lil nick & Diabo or DD
Rock: micheal Diabo or DD
Victor: Druide, Vlad, Dusa & for the rest, what you use more often

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I don't think heroes have specific best Artifacts, but this is my general trend:

Victors: I consider this my overall favorite default crest.  Unless I need a specific hero to crit for maximum damage, I put the hero here.

Lightning Rock: I only use this on heroes I want to stack dodge/sprint on.

Blitz: PD or Minotaur

Axe: This is only when I need to maximize damage, such as Arch Demon, or Mino Bomb.

Eye: I keep Ghoulem in here full time, for no real apparent reason.

Goblet: I use Goblet for primary tank heroes.

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I have swapped "default" heroes/artifacts so many times I can't keep count.  Changes in the game and new heroes demands adaptation.  PD generally has Blitz, though.

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