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[Discussion] Advice on new account

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Posted on 11/25/17 12:04:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Happy Late Thanksgiving All! I'm new to the forums and have been browsing around net lately to get in contact with some players that are willing to give me a hand.

I've started off a brand new account due to losing my last account which also was slightly new. I've been having a tremendous amount of luck of this new account and all these heroes I've obtained are making me clueless as to what to focus on. At my current night resources don't come in easy so i struggle with which heroes skills to level or just level in particular. I also need a new base to work on hbm as well as what other heroes to focus on for particular game modes.


Thunder God 2/10 level 100, 1/8 deadly strike
Harpy Queen 1/10 level 60, 1/8 Berserk 
Trixie Treat 3/10 level 120, 1/8 Bulwark
Immortep 2/10 level 80, 1/8 Deadly strike
Anubis 5/10 level 120, 1/8 Deadly strike
Tree 4/10 level 80, 1/8 scatter
Succubus 3/10 level 60, 5/8 Revive
Skeletica 7/10 level 135, 2/8 stone skin (Everyone been telling me level this first)
Orksbane 2/10 level 80, 1/8 Bulwark
Death Knight 2/10 Level 60, 3/5 Corrode

As for TH level it's 10. i currently have everything scattered around and don't have a proper base yet.

Posted on 11/25/17 9:13:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't have Anubis or Skeletica, so I can't comment.  I would focus on TG, TT, Orksbane and Anubis if people are saying level him first.  I say Orksbane because he is somewhat of a healer since you don't seem to have Druid.

Posted on 11/26/17 12:15:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Anubis is an OP GOD and the fact that you rolled him so early is very lucky for you since he’s an end game hero. I’d level him along with Skeletica and then Trixie and TG. I can’t give much more advice since I’m pretty new too but I can also say that Harpy Queen is pretty good in HBM but once you get Dread Drake I’d leave her out. Good luck!

Posted on 11/26/17 10:02:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Focus on Anubis and skele. Max them

Posted on 11/27/17 5:43:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd probably be running with Skeletica, Anubis, Trixie, Harpy Queen, and Death Knight.

However, it doesn't really matter all that much.  Skeletica and Anubis should be your main focus, and will give you a huge edge in the early to mid game.

You are very likely going to roll new heroes in the coming months that better compliment Anubis and Skeletica.

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Posted on 11/29/17 11:26:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Skeletica and anubis first. Then trixie, tg, and if you get a druid soon use him. The other heroes aren't worth the resources, and if you don't roll a druid just buy it with shards.