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[Discussion] Silent Hills Destiny Bonus

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Obtaining and buying Silent Hills Destiny Bonuses for our hero’s doesn’t affect them at all. What is it for???

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I think you are confused. Of course does the bonus effect the hero.

Dont punch me if I am not using the right game terms as the naming is still quite new to me. But I know exactly how it works.

In every area you can collect a score, which is basically a value describing how high your heroes are developed. Your goal is to get a score of 40800 there, cause this is the value you need to raise every hero in this area to the maximum.

But besides determining this cap, this value has absolutly no influence in the game. It is just a number.

You must raise the destiny for every hero to get the effects. So basically this is another way to level your hero. Be warned, it is for end game players or high cashers. You need tons of fame

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I don't get it, either.  Still trying to figure it out.

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The mark of a successful game mode is confusion.  You aren't alone.


In-game tutorials really need an upgrade.

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Posted on 12/28/17 6:56:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, perhaps the explanation in game is not that good, but actually it is quite easy.

I would like to help, but sadly noone posted any shots of what is confusing.

Destiny is not really a new game mode, it is just a different kind of levelling your heroes further.

On the top left you have these scrolls. All you need to do to collect one of them is having 2/4/6 of the listed heroes. So basically for every 2 of them you get one scroll.

On the bottom left you have the destiny score. All of the 6 heroes count together for this. Not having the hero at all is a score of zero, having a hero maxxed is 8640.
This sum is just a number (like might) and determines how high you can raise the destiny stars of each of the 6 heroes.

Clicking on one of the 6 heroes allow you to raise the destiny stars of this hero. You will see the cost of the next level. So if your overall score in this area is enough and you spend the resources shown, you can raise on level.

Final star level is 40 and you need a score of 40800 for this.

Be warned every 5th level you have to pay fame and it is quite expensive!