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[Discussion] haven't played in a LONG time, pulled new units... advice?

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Posted on 12/29/17 10:15:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys, 

I haven't played Castle Clash in a long time and there are so many new features. I think I stopped playing like 2-3 years ago. 

I used have have an OK f2p account, stopped at Archduke and main units are around level 170-180. I'm not sure how hard it will be to build an effective team. 

I pulled these new units:

  • Gunslinger (3/8 stoneskin) Looks good?
  • Candy Kane (4/8 revive) Looks good?
  • Harpy Queen (1/8 deadly strike)
  • Dracax
  • Valentina

These any good?

The team I used a long time ago
  • Pumpkin Duke 5/8 berserk
  • Vlad Dracula  5/8 slow down
  • Cupid 3/8 berserk
  • Orksbane 2/8 life drain
  • Druid 3/8 berserk

I have some other old units like Aries and Pixie.

Is Phantom King worth it? I have 70K shards

Posted on 12/30/17 5:09:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Gunslinger is just awesome. You’ll fly through hbm. Orksbane not so much. Phantom king is decent. Definantly work on aries to.

Posted on 12/31/17 12:44:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome back! Of your new heroes Gunslinger and Valentina are the ones to work on.  And yes, a key is to get Revite 5 for Aries.  You want to raise your might and qualify for Evolving your heroes and evolve your most important ones with duplicates (PD, GS, Aries, Val, Cupid). Plenty of time to roll PK before you buy. Use your shards to increase heroes' skill level. Good luck!

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Posted on 1/2/18 3:37:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Gunslinger is one of the best heroes in the game.
Candy Kane is crap.
Harpy Queen is crap.
Dracax is crap.
Valentina is one of the best heroes in the game.

PD, Vlad, Cupid, Ork, Druid is not really good anymore.  Orksbane is compete trash now, druid is no longer an all-round hero (he's only useful on Arch Demon), and Vlad has been outclassed but a handful of heroes.

Aries is still good, and he should be in your line up.
Pixie is crap.
Phantom King is a good hero, but he's not worth paying 20,000 shards, if that is what you are asking.

PD, Cupid, Gunslinger, Vlad, Aries  would be the primary 5 I run with.

Don't be too discouraged with the changes to the game though.  You rolled GS, and she is absolutely phenomenal.  Your account is good.

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Posted on 1/3/18 12:36:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for responding!

I managed to pull GS, Anubis, Michael, Ghoulem, Val, rhino, Santa boom and more.

Lucky streak? Idk

Posted on 1/3/18 12:40:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is my alter