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[Discussion] Pro-Odysseus, Top5 guild recruiting

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Posted on 5/14/18 3:22:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild: Pro-Odysseus
Contact us on line ID:
Puwness or luckyvln1 

Communication : Line app, mandatory

Rank: 5 in Might

Boss 5: 14.30 Daily
Boss 3: 15.00 Daily
No Donations Required
Torch: Max Rewards (Participation optional but always appreciated)
Guild War: Varies based on matchup (participation mandatory with minimum score) 
Fortress Feud: Ranked No.1 in Division (12-13 time)
Lava 4 and IS 1/3 in teams and by mutual arrangement between players via Line

We have tons of players doing lava4 so you will be able to get team almost immediately

Might Req: 250k

Hi Guys, 

We have a high rate of retention with  players mainly from Europe, the US and some from Asia. 

We have many players with high might, some above 400K, and plenty of experience and knowledge to pass onto new members on our guild group Line chat. We can advise you on base designs, team setup, heroes attributes and tactics  in order to help you progress further and push the guild forward. As a guild we are very strong in guild wars and fortress feud. In FF we usually finish in top10 in all server.

Guild Library
Once you are a member, you will be invited to join the Guild Group Chat on Line. There you will have access to a wealth of information regarding the different game modes, Talents and crest combos etc as well as access to the photo album which shows different Base Layouts for HBM, GW and WG and Lava.


You must be an active player and participation in GW is mandatory with all 5 attacks done and scores around or above current guild average. 
Also, you must use Line App.

Don’t be shy to apply! We can look at your altar and evaluate your potential for rapid growth and help you get higher results quickly.

Thank you.