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Posted on 2/4/19 10:37:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Alright, here’s the deal.

I used to be SUPER into this game like 3 years ago when PD was THE hero. I’m just now picking the game back up and have a job so I’m spending more money and obviously I’ve obtained most of the new heroes besides Walla and Plant Tree. What in the world is good with what lol?

More specifically, who all is still relevant in the new meta with all the new hero’s and talents and new game modes? I see Lavanica, Lazulix, Michael, Anubis used a lot. I have all four but not sure where they’re best at and what talents I should run. I’m just not sure we’re to place all these guys in which modes. I seem to be doing ok in most places excluding that one mode where you pick designated heroes and what not.

Anyways any advice is great I’m also looking for an active guild to join now now that I’m back. Grinding my might like ASAP I’m at 180k atm.

Thanks. When I get home from work I’ll post pictures of my alter if people want more specifics of what I have. Talents aren’t an issue unless I have a whole bunch of level 5 talent stuf.

Posted on 2/6/19 7:57:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see often Lazu, Lava, Anubis, Dove Keeper, Walla in opponent bases along with one more hero, which is random. 6th hero are one of those: Skelly, Michael, Bogeyman, Ma Hatma, Storm Eater, Athene. Gunslinger.
There is many good heroes, and you need to pick those who are fitting your style. But i think that Lava, Anubis, Walla (Or Plant Tree) and Dove/GS are a must in all modes. Lazu is also great these days, so if you have him, go for him.

When you post picture of altar we will be able to direct you more directly.

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Posted on 2/10/19 10:30:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a guild for two years and I am still learning. Should I increase my guild house level on the home screen? It is currently level 12 being raised to 13. My guild hub is level 9. I was vice-leader and now I am leader but the membership dwindled down to just me. My magic building on the guild hub is level 4 and my bonus is gold/mana 30% troop bonus 20% and hero bonus 30%. I need to get hub to level 11 to get higher. I need hub to be level 10 to get treasury higher. Any suggestions? I am 165k.