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[Discussion] If there’s ever a CC2, please don’t make the same mistakes

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Posted on 9/30/19 5:24:46 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It’s sad to see this game ended this way. There were many ways this game could’ve lasted longer. Keeping exclusive item exclusive is the key. No one wants to spend a dime when next month all the effort I’ve spent will be in vain. Rewards from major game modes should never be worth only a buck or two; otherwise why play at all?

Instead of spreading this game so thin by having too many items / game modes, it inevitably gets confusing. Have one great mode such as a team event and build on it. Like most MMORPG you can have many guild events or even unite different guilds to have a major battle. I know you’ll say castle crisis but that is NOT a team event.

Posted on 10/1/19 12:53:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First CC2 has already been released, check it out it might be more to your liking, however the game is still very much alive after 6+yrs.  Finally if you would like to make a suggestion there is a section dedicated solely for that purpose.


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