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[Discussion] Discouraging

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Posted on 10/9/20 11:44:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Has anyone gotten discourage with the game already.  When I started playing the game back when castle clan started, that game was not too interesting.  And I converted to this one, when the characters were not cartoony like they are now.  The game was more enjoyable in my opinion.  Still the game changed modes and included more features, it became more interesting.  Then new heroes came into play, it became more enjoyable to see other heroes. More talents, you still had an opportunity to improve the current heroes and new heroes that u could had gotten.  This past update took all that away as new things to purchase things was added, now making it harder to improve the current heroes you have.  I think that if igg is looking for more ways to rack up money from active players, they are heading the wrong way.  Now u r being forced to purchase resources In order to upgrade heroes.  And if you spend your money and try to roll, u can probably spend 1,000 dollars and might not even get what you want.  I’ve spend some money on it.  But at this point, I don’t think that I can keep supporting the game. Will still probably play it, but no longer spend money on it, as there is no sense in spending 100-500 dollars in getting the new hero evolved maxed out, to see new hero coming out the following week to see him more powerful than the one you spend too much money on upgrading to see it get killed.  That is how I feel, not sure if some of you guys feel the same way?

Posted on 10/10/20 8:24:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm sure some might share your opinion, but if I am reading your post correctly the very things you state as what was exciting before if the very thing that you claim has removed that same excitement.

Updates that released new heroes and content is one of the consistent factors of this game, and IGG has always been a for profit company.  Spending is and has always been a personal choice, you can always grind out what you need like the F2P community.  Sorry the last update kind of spoiled things for you, but hopefully the next one will revive that feel like before.


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Posted on 7/23/21 7:22:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

あなたがオンラインでカジノゲームをするのが好きなら、あなたはあなたがオンラインで長期投資をすることができる最高のカジノゲームプラットフォームを見つける必要があります。私はあなたがカジノゲームを通して本当のお金を稼ぐことができるプラットフォームのための カジノ オンライン サイトオプションをチェックしようとしました。

Posted on 10/29/21 3:26:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I find the skins change the appearance of the hero, then I can’t find them. I could do without skins, and remove them when they get put on accidentally.  The platform with the demons, lost world??? That hasn’t allowed me to use different set ups in a year, after an update, I can only use the second team, it won’t switch.. the wardens are really quite a bit of nonsense, money suckers too, if you take them seriously. Support has never been helpful on the broken parts of my game.