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[Discussion] Team Recommendation please.

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Posted on 6/8/21 5:39:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

After a long gap i started playing CC for three days., help me with team recommendation and help me to join a guild.

Posted on 8/22/21 4:39:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is how I would rate all the heroes you showed in the pics based on my experience (may not be same as other people may rank them)
Young spark, not that great as an epic but ok at low might
Collosus, I’ve seen good use in medium/high might(500k sortta range)
Genteel droid, I’ve not found it good probably similar to spark level of good
Despotic maestro, I’ve not used it but I don’t see any at high level so probably not that great
Boa queen, I like her at medium might level in base raiding if opponent doesn’t have p2w heroes
Water, pretty good healer and AoE damage as a bonus, healing is main use
Barbarians rider, i dont see any at high level might so not that great
Dove keeper, still used a pretty good amount in high level might, one of the better ledgendary heroes
Druid, bad
Pumpkin duke, pretty decent for lower level dungeons but that’s all
Vlad Dracula, bad
rambard, one of the best heroes if set up right, can live against almost any heroes at high level
Boreal Fox, pretty good use at high level as defence for the freeze
Lazulix, slightly worse fox as only procs around the lazulix
Thunder god, bad
Aries, bad
Death knight, bad
Paladin, bad
Valentina , bad
Revenant, bad
Anubis, good for dungeons and medium level might use
Athene, decent base defence decent for medium level use
Rowdy rascals, not that great but better than heroes labelled “bad”
Commodora, same as rowdy
Cosmo, pretty decent for medium level might
Occultist, good healer if you don’t have walla walla
Queen wasp, same as rowdy rascals
Hotshot, the worst event only hero
Ice lady, same as rowdy
Phantom king, bad
Treantaur, seen ok amount at highish level as it can resurrect heroes
Ripper, decent damage low hp, glass cannon hero but not that great
Trixie treat, bad
Sasquatch, not that great
Ninja, bad
immortept, bad

Best 6 i would use:
Boa queen/occultist depends if u want healer

As for guild help look on the social part of the chat in game as there are frequently people sending quill invites

Posted on 9/10/21 1:58:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only