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[Discussion] I give up!

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How do u get fires and shards?

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How do I get shards?
You get shards by completing dungeons. They randomly drop from the dungeon. Dungeons with skulls drop shards more frequently than those without. You can read more about it here: ... 1990&extra=page%3D1

How do I get "fires"?
Fire is obtained through the completion of dungeons. Each dungeon offers the ability to receive a maximum of three fires. Three fires would be obtained by getting a 100% in that specific dungeon.

Fires do not get used up when upgrading hero's either. They will stay and accumulate.
(Ex. You upgrade your hero when you have 20 fire's, you will still have those 20 fire's after the upgrading process)

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Fires are obtained from successfully completing dungeon - note: 50% or more concludes as a win, however that will only give you 1 fire, you may need to get 75% or higher for 2 fires & 100% for 3 fires. As for shards they are obtained from all most every facet in the game, most popular or known from Elite dungeons or HBM (Here Be Monsters).

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Fires = flames.
Flames are earned in dungeons.
Press battle (bottom left of your screen) then press dungeons (blue option)
1 flame = 50% cleared.
2 flame = 75% OR 50% INCLUDING the castle.
3 flame = 100% complete.

And for future reference, people have lives, if there is no response in 5 minutes to your thread there is NO need to make another one

Note: you don't need to kill the heroes to 100% a dungeon or raid.

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