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[Discussion] I just fall in love again & sharing guide for newbie

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Dernière édition par iChopCastleClash sur 11-4-2013 05:00 AM

First of all, sorry for my poor english grammar skill since is not my main speaking language. I play this game for over a month now, first of all I play by bluestack on my computer then I can't sync account so I play another account on the company's computer. Even so, I can't play it all the time so I decide to buy an iPad just to play it after hearing the news that it came on appstore. I know, sounds crazy, buying an iPad just to play my favorite game but oh well, it makes me happy lah :D

I have been quitting playing game for along time because I don't have time and I work in a game company at my country so I just get bored of it. But one day I see Castle Clash as a test project and I just keep "testing it" but actually fall in love with it and playing most of the time. Been through the beginning as a newbie (and still) I know is quite hard for someone to understand it quite away and need to look for information, also in this game you can't reset (or I don't know the way) so I think is very crucial for newbie to do it right at the start (just my point of view).

So now I'm sharing with you my guide for newbie which cover all the basic that I think is important. This guide won't have advance knowledge as I don't know yet ^^

First, my iOS account is iChop and I'm currently have 3835 might and rank 247 in the arena (I know not very good but I try my best and have fun lol). I don't buy coin yet since I don't have a visa, but plan to get in the near future. Below is my village, castle or whatever you call. I know it's not the best defense or strategy in someway but as I say, I love the game so I play it the way it entertains me.

The first 500 gem:
- Your first 500 gem you shouldn't rush for rolling heroes, instead buying another worker it will helps a lot at start.

- You might hear it before, increasing might will make u find harder opponnent so try to keep it as low as possible like don't build and upgrade wall ...

- From the beginning till now, I only choose Guardian (try to upgrade it as fast as possible) because is very cheap to hire, but the main thing is the hiring time very short allow you to almost consistently raiding (die 20-30 ... no prolem) and keep making then raiding again. I know raiding depends a lot on hero but to me troops are very important, lets say with 60-100 Guardian you can easily kill lvl 70 - 80 enemy heroes (even a legendary) but of course that's not all the case.

It doesn't need a lot of strategy but I mean you sure need some experince. Here is few note:
- Try to manage realeasing your all group in a small area... I mean like don't make them walk in a long line, realising from far point of the map and slowly move your finger to group them as close as possible (hope you don't get a bomb which sometimes might appear lol).
- Your first tartget should be the range enemy since while you're attacking other building they may kill your bunch very fast. If you manage to get a Druid then just send him to take out one range base first. In case range enemy is not a threat, then aim for the enemy heroes.
- Learn the strength and weakness of enemy before deciding to raid or not. Not all the case, but you can look on the HB if you lose to decide (for example if i lose then i will lost 22 HB then it seems an easy opponent).
- Dieing a heroes take quite sometimes to revive so try to end the battle right away if the situation got danger (losing HB is not a problem, since you can keep raiding and get it back but losing hero will make you wait time).
- Never ever try to be greedy and ignore the dangerous in enemy defense, it's not worth it.
- If you searching opponent and find some hard one, don't just click next. Back to village and search again, it reduce the chance to find that same opponent.

Upgrading some specific building will increase Might so you should just update what you need, here is a few building I think is necessary:
- Tower Hall: First upgrade to level 2 to get another Army camp, then 5 to get another Army camp, then 7 to get 5 hero base, then 11 to get full 4 army camp.
- Gold Vault & Mana Vault: Upgrading Tower Hall need gold capacity of Gold Vault, upgrading Gold Vault need mana and opposite of Mana Vault. They all link together so work with it.
- Army Camp: Upgrading to level 7 is enough, will give you capacity of 32 troops. Because when you keep raiding, you will never ever get full so you just want more Army camp to train faster. Of course if you want, just keep upgrading higher lever.
- Gold Mine and Mana Drill: When it appears the icon in which you can collect, don't collect if you don't need since I believe as long as you don't collect then enemy can't get that resource (or may be I'm wrong). I think this is quite nice to upgrade but only when you don't have any important upgrade to do. Like now, after half a day I login I can easily collect 150k gold or Mana which is very helful resources to upgrade and train troops.
- Wall: this increase Might a lot so don't buy or upgrade it, except you want to design a heart village like me :D
- Magic: you should upgrade to enough level to advance level 5 Morale skill as you will need this for dungeon.
- Hero Base: upgrading to increase defense bonus for hero, I don't know if this works in raiding though but I hope it does lol so I keep upgrading until I know it only works when someone attack you.

Increasing arena rank will give you more HB per hour but unless you buy a lot of coin with real money then otherwise don't try to get higher rank since is very hard to reach to the point. And lets say, you have 50 HB / hour then after very hard effort you get to 60 HB / hour, but is very hard for you to keep maintaining that spot.

So I share this strategy for you, your aim is not to increase rank but to win arena battle which give you 40 HB each. So in arena I believe there is 2 strategy, 1 is full force on one lane, 2 is devine force with Assasin & Ninja. Strategy 1 is very easy you can know the result right away, strategy 2 is you want to full force on the opponent lane which have Assasin & Ninja you will have quite high winning rate.

Also, you want to make a note like "NickNamOpponent Top/Mid/Bot" to know that for that opponent you should put your force on what lane to win. Of course sometimes they change but is not often, make sure to change on your note as well. Also, on the Defense setup try to put only 1 lowest hero to maxium the losing chance as when you lose your rank decrease, so you will meet easy opponent and get easy win with 40 HB each.

Well, we all know that we want legendary but that really takes time. So I will state which hero for begnning you should aim for base on my experience:
- Executioner: Your default hero, he's quite ok, tough and strong.
- Engineer: AOE skill and range, easily buy with Shard
- Marksman: Shoot 3 random arrow, easily buy with Shard
- Another slot:
- Another slot:
Other 2 extra slot depends on what hero you get on the gem rolling, for me I use 4 range and 1 melee which quite great for raiding as well as full force strategy on Arena, or you can try to get Assasin, Panda, Cyclop...

Leveling up hero:
- Simple math, if you get 300 experience and 2 hero on the field, each will get 150, 3 hero will be 100 exp each. So if you have a lot of troops then is an easy raid you can try send only that hero (at the beginning of the combat or at the end if he will likely die). You can also leveling up in dungeon, send all force with 1 hero on a hard dungeon or easy one if you don't have enough troops or strong hero to take care of it by himself.

Hero Talent:
- Shouldn't be worry about that for now and just happy with whatever you get, when you have Legendary then it will need to be thinked of.

- Leveling up hero skill:
Leveling up even just 1 hero skill really helps alot, but work on level 3 need too much Shard so I think you should at least upgrade all your hero to level 2 skill. And save those shard for upgrading level 3 for the great hero like Legend...

Hero Blade:
- For your first not so great hero (legend or great elite hero...) you only should upgrade it to level 60 which will cause 4000 HB each. Because is allright to do basic stuff like arena and raiding at your level. Then just save it until you have a great elite hero or legend to work on it. Don't just spend like crazy and cry out when you don't have enough to upgrade a truly good one.

Dungeon and Shard:
- I normally do is lets say you have 5 times to fight dungeon, then on the first 4 times I fight in easy skull dungeon to minimum the loss and farm shard. The last one I send all force in a new stage and don't need to worry whether hero die or not, just so that you can open the new one and accquire more fire requirement for upgrading hero.

Hero Rolling:
- Never ever try to roll with your HB, it got its job and also the drop chance for legendary is not high. Your first 500 gems use to buy another worker and then just use gem to roll. If you don't have good heroes, no worry, the more time you suffer to find one, the more happy you will be when you actually have one (at least I try to think so lol).

Should I buy gems?
- If you got money to spare, of course, just think of it as going to some entertainment plance and spend for service. But I advice you shouldn't spend at the beginning since at first you don't know much and might waste a lot, wait till you have basic understanding about the game to make it worth every penny you spend for your joy.

(continue below)

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Dernière édition par iChopCastleClash sur 11-4-2013 05:00 AM

Working on achivement give gems so it's surely worth it, but be aware of the feeling after like 3 days working to have 150 gems then roll a crappy hero (I did want to quit sometimes because of this lol). Here is few advice:
- Reach Might: Don't try to do this one on purpose, since it give you more trouple.
- Clear Dungeons: Don't try too hard but only when you think you can do it.
- Win number of attack againse other player: Should do early on since opponent get harder and harder.
- Destroy number of wall: Do this early as well since the wall of opponent at this time is weak, on an easy enemy try to put your troops around the village to increase the number of wall destroy. Learn and use engineer as he can destroy bunch of wall pretty quick.
- Clear obstacles: Not only reward of this achivement give gems but also when clearing obstacles, do it when you have used full your workers and have spare resources (or enemy will just raid it anyways :D).

Final Word:
Thanks for reading this guide and sorry for wall of text and bad english grammar, I know I'm not a pro but I make this guild so that new player can quickly get through the beginning stage then enjoy the fun time after that with the game. Thanks IGG for making such a great game and make my feeling for game back to the old day.

Have a nice day guys !

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Why buy a third worker if the goal is to keep might low by not building so many things?

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4333f587c37f741 a posté en 11-4-2013 05:27 AM
Why buy a third worker if the goal is to keep might low by not building so many things?

Well because at first there are still many important building you must upgrade like Town Hall, Gold Vault, Mana Vault, Army Camp etc... But is totally up to you if you want more gem to roll for hero right away.