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[Discussion] Imbalanced Legendary Heroes, Suggestion to fix the game, Staff must read.

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As we all know, 5 Legendary heroes can easily destroy any base. I think they are too easy to get, especially that this game just started in ios and many people already have 5 legendary heroes. Shards are almost useless considering they can only be farmed every 15 mins with a very low drop rate and the cheapest legendary hero is at 1200 shards. Theres no way people that doesnt use gems can catch up, unless they play 24 hrs a day+sedentary+no life. I can only see a few options to balance this atm. The best option would be to take back all the legendary heroes and will only be made available through shards, but i know that this is impossible since they are already out there. But i have a few suggestions: Option 1: Lower the chance of getting legendary heroes through gems. Option 2: Increase the drop rate of shards. Option 3: Remove the dungeon cooldown. Option 4: Decrease the price of the legendary heroes (shards). (Think about it, gemmers still have alot of advantages after this. Non-gemmers will still have to wait for Honor and be able to level up their heroes. People will still need gems for passive skill refresh {which has too many combinations to be able to get the 5/5 skill that you want}, for upgrading their base {which is enough for Supercell,CoC to make millions off players}, make high level heroes to pack their garrisons with, upgrade their spells {which are useless because people depends on legendary heroes at this rate}, to speed things up, to get gold and mana and many more!) I believe you have to balance it now while its still early, because if this gets going, people will get tired {game is too easy for gemmers, non gemmers base are destroyed easily with their gold and mana stolen, battle stops when the opponent goes online.} This will help you along the way because again at this rate, the only customers ur gonna get are those people who started early and thinks that they can never turn back, future customers will look away because even if they gem, by that time there will be no way to catch up because everything is moving too fast plus all non gemmers will surely quit at some point after realizing this and therell be no other players to play with. Look into this, because you might be able to get more than what you expect.There are alot of problems, but i think that the legendary heroes are the main problem. Oh, btw, best POSSIBLE option would be 1,2,3,4 combined ;)

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Oh btw, fix this before making more updates. Please fix one problem at a time before making another one. :p

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I agree with Toink. I think that the Att/Def is not balnced too, I easily destroy bases and i do not even posess legendary heroes, and many other players easily destroy my base every time I log out.

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I think its hard to get a legendary :/

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Well if ur using gems its very easy, i know someone that didnt even use real money, he got 2 legendary heroes from the starting 450 gem that he got from achievements and login+starting gems. Me and my real life friend got 1 legendary from our starting 450 gems. I got a champ he got a paladin. Imagine the effort plus the 15 minute cooldown and low shard drop rate vs the gem chance. Shards are useless. Low drop rate+the 15 minute cooldown+5 cap. They are putting a price on every single thing. I dont know if they just didnt know that the game is imbalanced or they did it on purpose for you to buy gems. Sure, its forcing us to buy gems and some already did, but i bet it wouldnt last long. They should balance it now before it gets worse.

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Btw, i like the idea of this game thats why im trying to save it through suggestions. This thread might be a long shot because of course lets face it, they made the game to make money but whatever, dunno why im even bothering to post here because i barely play this game atm. But i dunno, just wanted to try and help. Tell them what they dont see. Plus for some reason, every i mean EVERY SINGLE TIME i click global chat, thers always a pervy kid. lol, You guys should try it yourselves, click global chat and tell me im wrong. haha

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In the droid version you had the ability to obtain free gems which made getting heros much easier. Just need to make option available on iPhones as well, which is why you are able to get so many hero bases so early in the game. I missed playing when I switched but now not sure if I will keep playing unless it get fixed soon! So can understand your frustration.

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Sorry toink but I am positive they won't make any of the changes that you suggested. I have been playing the game for around 3 months already on android. This game did not originate on iOS (app store). People who pay money for gems are the ones who are going to be favored, that is the only way the developers can ensure making lots of money. Legends ARE NOT easy to get. Some people get lucky but not all. I spent like $27 in the game and got one legendary out of it. I could spend twice that which is the max I would ever spend on any game (since xbox games are only like $60) and I would only expect one legendary at most.
You say shard farming is ridiculous but it isn't. It is a slow process that takes weeks but has a huge pay off. You get to choose the legendary you want. Also people farm shards for slime to upgrade their heroes skill which is incredibly useful.
The reason so many people have 5 legends is because they spent loads of money right away on this game. You know the floating Spirit Mage? He costs anywhere from like $250-300 to buy.
The thing about this game is, it DOES take loads of time. It takes so much time to farm your guys and get their levels up and so much time to farm those shards. If you don't have the time this game is not for you. You probably won't enjoy it too much if you don't have the time to train your heroes to a high level.
I don't intend to offend you :) Just letting you know that they aren't going to make drastic changes to favor the non paying people but would rather favor the people who support the game. That is just the way of life! They do try to accommodate us though. I suggest you start farming shards now! It is fun to try to be competitive with people who have spent so much money. Think of it is a challenge. We can't beat them but we can do the best we can.

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I wish Dalcowboiz is right but isnt. I myself have spent hundreds of bucks trying to get Legends for my heroes and out of 19000 gems I only got 2 Legends. So Im not sure if they are even giving favor to those who pay for gems. ... 3743&extra=page%3D1

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Dear Dalcowboiz, first of all these are SUGGESTIONS TO TRY AND CORRECT THE IMBALANCE, what youre talking about is true, i know they are favoring the gemmers of course and its like you just repeated everything i said up there. But i guess thats what you do here as a veteran in forums whos been playing for 3 months, lol Sure, therell be advantages for the gemmers but as you can see, id dint add them up there because i thought you would already consider this, everything in the game is cheap in gems, the time, gold, mana etc. Which is alteady a very big advantage to the gemmers, plus they will get bonus honors, 3000/10000/20000 etc. What im trying to say here is, the gap is too far! Its too far that i think that this game is the most pay to win game, far from clash of clans and any others. If you still cant understand it, ill explain it to you. Clash pf clans or any other games have one thing in mind, making money. This game has several ways of making money, heroes, upgrades, and more, i losted them above. But why do you think clash of clan where they just make money off the buildings, candy crush where you just buy lives and time. And they are always at the top grossing while this game again has many ways, buying heroes, upgrading heroes and buildings, dungeon time, arena time, mana, gold, elix and more. Plus they dropped the game in IOS as a whole, already fully updated unlike in android where it was gradual, update per update bla bla. Most guys who dl this game already turns away because they realize this, ther are 63,000 players atm i think, and how many players do you see playing? Well if they dont make any changes soon well you can get stuck them during the downfall, lol. Im not playing this game right now because i know its gonna be stupid, wasting my time with a game that for sure ill quit soon. You can kid yourself with the dungeon and shards they set, good luck with your life and gaming. Later. :), ill be back when this game gets better.