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[Discussion] Dilemma! suggestion please!

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Posted on 11/7/13 11:47:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My might is 6880, currently i have no problem raiding other player, 80% of the time i can 100% them. I always aim 100% to take max exp for my heroes. I also always buy 3 spell every raid, i don't want to save money. But those money always pile up to amount that can be spent on the most expensive upgrade that i can afford (currently 550k for upgrading town hall to lvl 12).

If i spend it to upgrade town hall i'm afraid my might will increase (while leveling heroes already increasing my might) and i cannot longer raid with ease like before, that's mean it's slower to leveling heroes. But town hall 12 will enable my towers to upgrade to lvl 5+ (which is good, isn't?).

But if i dont spend those money i feel like i have waste those precious that i earn with so much effort. And it will attract the other to raid me, make my heroes in revive mode if they can kill them (means they cannot do raid to leveling). It is also hard to accept that raider take your gold in very big amount and make them feel that they owned you and make them think you are a fool to keep that big amount of gold ready to raid (though you never want to spent that gold in the first place).

So i'm in dilemma, is this only me or you guys also had the same problem? Suggestion please?

Pally 91 3/9
Druid 80 3/9
PD 80 3/9
Succuby 88 2/9
TG 90 3/9

Centa lv 3 in progress to 4
Griffin lv 3
Mech lv 3

Posted on 11/7/13 12:49:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So what I understand from your point. you spent gold for spells, but don't make any profit? so only aiming for leveling heroes?
have you already maxed your walls?

I can't really judge yet, because I'm townhall level 6 and have been playing for 1 day now.

btw, May I ask how long have you been playing this game and have you spent real money on it for those heroes?

Posted on 11/7/13 3:25:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Currently, I wouldn't worry about Might... you're above some kind of cap they put on. I'm at about 3k Might, but I've been flattened by players with 8k Might without any issues. Your heroes and spending habit make you more or less an offensive beast and, as long as you keep ahead of the spending curve, you will probably stay there.

Posted on 11/7/13 8:48:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You will lose that money, but you said it yourself you can get it back pretty easily from raiding.  Keep doing what you are doing.