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[Discussion] Castle Clash is to Backyard Monsters what Puzzles and Dragons is to Bejeweled

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I guess the major difference between Castle Clash and Puzzles and Dragons is that you're playing directly against other players directly, while Puzzles and Dragons is "puzzle-based" (OK, so it's really all about spending a crapton of money so that you don't just get pulverized after three turns). The point I'm making is that this is no long term tower defense game. You're spending money to get more powerful heroes. While BYM base defense was arguably very general and simple (clump your towers together... refine the clumping), defense in this game is simpler: level legendary heroes and put all the bases together. No legendary heroes, you're doomed.  If you have legendary heroes, maybe we can talk about base defense, but without them, you'll be spending so much time under shield cooldown, your strategy won't really be tested... it's "get squashed by 5 legendary heroes 3 minutes after logging off". Even if you did have 5 legendary heroes, would you attack someone else with 5 legendary heroes?

This problem is made worse by the might system. Leveling legendary heroes raises might the same amount as, oh, say, leveling normal heroes. They are far more powerful, so your coterie of crappy heroes works against you... you get matched with people who have heroes that are twice as powerful at half the level. Not only that, but your base defenses boost your might. They don't do anything to slow your enemies down, but they can ignore base defenses and there's not a thing you can do about their bases anyway; all that Might you accumulated on defense doesn't matter one bit on offense. On the other hand, the person with legendaries has accumulated Might almost entirely getting heroes that work just as well on defense as on offense. The result is that unless you spend lots of money, you will end up being a farm after a certain point. This is very different from Clash of Clans, where things settle out at a certain trophy level and if you want to save up, you can drop trophies and hide in Silver or Bronze while saving up. Here, progression will eventually grind to a halt when you start needing
to save hundreds of thousands of gold to build... anything.

I'm still playing, but unless I get lucky soon, I can see a time not too far away when I get bored of the game and walk away. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this... all you people with your Spirit Mages will be free to play this awesome game amongst yourselves. The rest of us will play Clash of Clans.

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Actually clash of clans is to backyard monsters and castle clash is to clash of clans

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Castle Clash looks like BYM, but it isn't really like BYM... Clash of Clans is really a lot like BYM. Puzzles and Dragons looks a lot like Bejeweled at first, but it's really not like Bejeweled at all.

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I agree completely. I really like this game and have grown bored of clash of clans. The only difference is, it took me 7 or 8 months to get bored of CoC, I'm already at the point where I am losing interest in constantly being on shield with 20k gold in my storage and two builders not doing anythig.

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Only been playing this for a week

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It's totally insane, isn't it? I think the worst part is how the strong people just keep getting stronger... they just run away in terms of power because they can keep on raiding. In the meantime, those of us with elite heroes have to wait for them to regenerate after our hard fought raids and we just fall further behind. I've been playing for two weeks... I'll be shocked if I make a month.

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Let me be more explicit about this: Backyard monsters is about building a base and monsters and defending your base from other people's attacking monsters. Clash of Clans is about building a base and an army and defending your base from other people's armies. Castle Clash looks like it's a game about building a base and an army + heroes and defending your base against your enemies' attacking forces, so it LOOKS like Clash of Clans and Backyard Monsters, but you cannot actually defend your base, without spending/getting lucky on hero rolls.

It's just like how Bejeweled is a Match 3 game and Puzzles and Dragons looks like a game that's all about matching 3+ symbols, but you can't succeed at Puzzles and Dragons without spending/getting lucky on monster Evolutions.

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I wish clash of clans could make some champions like BYM Formo the flying bug that give buff and kora the doom champion

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In 4 days i got legendary succubuis, thni payed $40 n got 2 more legends. later i might spend a lil more..

This game rocks. For me $40 is not much money n im happy to spend it because im too impatient ;p

You could always start again n not do some of the things in your first post that impacted you negatively.
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