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[Discussion] defense against high level heros

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Posted on 11/12/13 3:51:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm probably going to regret writing this.

How to defend your base against High level Heroes?
No sugarcoating just the truth about what works and what doesn't

What doesn't work?
1.      Basic Tower
2.      Magic Tower
3.      Cannon Tower
4.      Walls
5.      Ordinary Hero
6.      Elite Hero (minus assassin)

What Works
1.      Arrow tower lv 7+
2.      Putting all your traps together.
3.      Hero with Self destruct Talent
4.      Keeping army camp and Hero base close to encourage them to agro at the same time
5.      Upgrading Hero base.  Each level hero base gives +2% to max status.  At level 10 hero base will give 20% that's the same as adding 10 level to your current hero.
6.      Garrison Arrow Tower with ordinary hero to prioritize targets.

1.      Towers
The only tower that has a chance of killing high level legendary hero is the ARROW TOWER.
If you don't have level 7+ Arrow towers don't expect your tower to do anything to legendary hero with druid.

2.      Walls
High level walls will only give the Thundergod things to attack to cast his AOE special.  High level walls won't protect you; in fact it helps the attacker to inflict damage to your base.   If you have walls don't connect them and just use it as decoration.

3.      Heroes
If you're using your hero to defend don't expect a level 50 hero to hold up again a level 90 legendary.

4.      Traps
Put all your traps together to inflict maximum damage in a short amount of time.  Spreading them out will not do much since the hero trap will only remove 10% of max hp and the druid will heal them.  If you can place 4 together that's 40% damage to hero now you have a chance to kill them before druid can heal.  They are AOE so you could inflict damage to multiple heroes.

5.      Units
Guardians is the only unit that can defend your base against high level hero.
Here is how that works.
An army camp 10 griffen vs Ninja = Ninja wins after 10 attack
An Army camp with 30 guardian vs Ninja = Ninja die after 20 attacks

The things I list won't help you defend your base.  It will only make the battle bloody

This might be more costly for your resource if you decide to do this.  As you win nothing from a successful defense while the attacker gets to keep what the stole.  So you could end up losing a lot more resource over a 10 hour time frame.

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I think most of us are torn between two extremes... we want the high level heroes to easily tear down the entire base while stopping the not-so-high levels from looting our base and leaving it standing, giving us a defensive "win" (in other words, you lose almost twice as much loot as you would have).

The fact that high level players can steal so much loot at will is a flaw in game design... ideally, they wouldn't be able to see you at all or, failing that, they would steal a whole lot less loot when they tear through, owing to the difference in Might. This isn't the case, but there's nothing you as an average player can do about it; level 7 archer towers are impractical (how you save 650k gold for a tower upgrade when making 380k for TH 11 is such a ridiculous PITA is beyond me) and getting a bunch of normal heroes to a level 2 garrison (140 garrison points, which requires a level 3 skill and level 50 hero... a cost of well over 10k HB per tower) is also miserably difficult; the matching system more or less guarantees that any normal heroes you take along to raids for normal leveling purposes will be some serious boat anchors, an observation borne out by watching people take their level 60+ Angels and Alchemists to raid my base.

You basically have to stop the folks at your level cold, while letting the high levels through which calls for more standard defenses: walls, ranged troops behind those walls, minimal profile for resources (1 really high level gold storage in the middle of all your defenses instead of having 3 medium levels scattered all over hell's half acre), towers in the middle of your base, clumped together for overlapping fields of fire, walled off in sections, abutted by hero bases and army camps. Until you get a higher level town hall with higher level walls and towers, defenses in this game are terribly weak compared to what you can throw at them, so victory by intimidation (an early hero kill? Mass troop death?) and/or crippling your opponent is about the best you can hope for.

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Good tips. Thank you for this