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[Discussion] Ques of Heroes' Might & Shortage of Honor Badges

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As we know,
1. Heroes need HB to continue leveling.
2. Better Heroes provide Higher Might.

So, i have questions for these points, hoping any experienced players could give me advises!!
1. How can we farm HB when we are facing shortage of HB to continue leveling our Heroes,
as we know, when heroes are at 60level, each of them needed 10000HB to continue leveling from 61-80 level.
Instead of buying gems to get HB for free, winning 40HB or from Arena per round and Raiding for 4-5HB per round.
Is there any tricky way to earn HB?

2. As we know, Ordinary Heroes LESS Might than Elite Heroes and Elite Heroes LESS Might than Legendary Heroes.
As i am playing in Low Might mode, my Heroes are more on Ordinary and Elite Heroes.
So my question is what is the differences between having low Might heroes and Legendary Heroes in the Beginning?

2.a IF we leveling lower Might's Heroes until, let's say 100+ level, is it a waste of HB after we turn all the heroes from Low Might to Legendary Heroes?
because as we change all de low Might's Heroes, we have to start all over again to leveling Legendary Heroes, and using HB for the Legendary Heroes to continue Leveling.

P.S. i am playing in a low might Mode.

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1. Those are basically the only ways to get hb. The best way to get high amounts of hb is to get really high in the rankings and increasing your hb/hr.
2. All of your heroes combined regardless of if they are being used or not count towards your might.
2.a. Honestly, by the time your " low might" heroes get to 80 you will have at least 1-2 legendary heroes through shards or free/paid for gems. It's not a waste because you can garrison them in your towers.

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that is correct, If you get a legendary hero you will need to use hero badges from 1k,3k, 10k, 20k 30k, 50k, 100k, 200k til he/she is at 180 (max?) as I don't know anyone with 160+ hero (even on driod)

Hero badge is per raid is determine by the your hourly return * might difference.

I'll use myself as an example.
If i'm earning 4440 hb from arena.  If i lose a raid against someone at my might I lose 444 hb (10%)
If i lose against someone with lower might than me I lose 888 hb 20%.  and 222 hb against higher might.

The same is true when you win.  I'm not sure on how exacly its calculated yet.

If your not in the top 3000 for arena than its better to not defend in arena.  
Android player do this all the time.  They place a low level hero to defend the arena so their rank will drop way below their real skill level.  This way when they have 5 chance (2per hour) they can easily win against weaker arena players.  earning them 200hb (80hb an hour + 50hb)

Assuming you do the arena once ever 2 hour (4 tries) thats 160hb
with 50hb an hour thats 100
260 hb per 2 hour (130 an hour)

If you attempt to climb the ranks when your hero is not ready you end up hurting yourself because you can't win against higher level players with better hero earning 6hb for losing and getting only 60hb in return.

Thats the best way for arena.

Dungeons are another method of getting hero badges
you should always do dungeon when you can as it lets you pick what difficulty you want.
I recommend you do dungeons that are easy (can completed it without losing hero or too much troops) this way you get easy hb, shards.  And as long as you pick easy dungeons than you should also get easy gold and mana.  The exp will also help level your hero.

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Another thing is, There are no easy way to get HB.  So I highly recommend you not waste them on silly things like hiring hero with HB.

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Ricky13221 replied at 11-16-2013 11:08 PM
1. Those are basically the only ways to get hb. The best way to get high amounts of hb is to get rea ...

Yah... I'm not sure about that level 80 thing with shards.

My heroes were 80 by the time I got the 1,000 hero shard achievement, and I'm very skilled in the dungeons. Farming D4S2 for shards.

I would not count on hero shards for legendary if your hero are not 100 farming in dungeon 4.

Save your gems from achievements and the daily quest (completed 10 arena battle, log on, steal ###,### gold and mana) and buy heroes with it.

If I'm a free to player and I'm in your shoes here is what I would do.

Don't use HB on ordinary hero.  

Attempt to get Elite heroes.

This will allow you to farm higher level dungeons easier and your arena rank will improve as well.

Don't buy walls, and only upgrade gold & mana store to keep might low.

Once you get the Druid the game gets alot easier.

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I have 70000 hb at the moment

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1. There are 3 ways to gain hero badges.
-Arena (depending on how strong your are it can range from 50-4440/hr)
-Buying gems (buying X amount of gems will get you X amount of HB..atm I'm at purchase 15000 gems get 30000 HBs)
-Raiding/Dungeoning: This method is only for small amounts of HBs per dungeon/raid (for me it's around 5 per raid)

The easiest way to gain HB is to wait and collect HBs from arena every day. An easy way to get more HBs per hour is to purposely not defend so you can fall backwards in the ranks and be able to win every fight (as stated above). Even 50/hr + winning 2 fights per hour = 130/hr which is what rank 90 or so makes.

There are no "tricks" to getting HBs besides the methods you described.

2. Even at a low level Legendary's have much better stats than Ordinary/Elite heroes. They are also better in terms of skills, and can make life a lot easier in the beginning.

2a. I'd leave ordinary heroes at 60, upgrading them further is just a waste of the 10k HBs.

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intimidatingjay replied at 11-17-2013 01:48 PM
1. There are 3 ways to gain hero badges.
-Arena (depending on how strong your are it can range from ...

Agree!! thanks a lot :)
so after reached level 60, all u change to legendary Heroes?
i pretty sure this might effect the might, as i mentioned, i just wanted my might to get as low as possible!!

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c39836703 replied at 11-17-2013 12:30 PM
Yah... I'm not sure about that level 80 thing with shards.

My heroes were 80 by the time I got th ...

for now i have
Druid Lv 1
Assassin Lv 60
Pain Da Lv 60
Angel Lv 60
Engineer Lv 60
Marksman Lv 40

1. i am confuse whether  how to utilize and Leveling my Druid and let go Angel?
2. as you said, attept to get Elite Heroes, is it mean i have to stop leveling all my Ordinary Heroes and continue uses 10k HB to leveling my elite heroes and legendary heroes?

When using Elite and Legendary, we cant avoid Might that will getting higher!!
so i am very concern about how can i play well with the heroes i got and fully utilize HB on Herores!!

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JunzGeass5213 replied at 11-17-2013 02:54 AM
for now i have
Druid Lv 1
Assassin Lv 60

1. Level up Druid, feed off your Angel (might goes down like 180). Druid should be your #1 leveling priority, easily one of the top heroes in the game

2. I wouldn't waste HBs on leveling Elites...I'd save them for the Druid