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[Discussion] Rolling for talents

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Posted on 11/17/13 2:13:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have been fortunate to have lady luck on my side and currently own all of the legendaries, aside form PD if that comes out in this next update. My question is, because I haven't ever messed around with it myself, how effective is it to roll for talents? Is it basically the same luck as getting a legendary, 4/5 or 5/5 being your "legendary" chances? Or is there a better chance in rolling talents? I have just kept what the heroes were "born" with, so really anything will be better than 1/5 stone skin lol, but I didn't want to blow all of my gems on rolling for talents before the update drops if chances are slim to none on it truly benefiting me.

Thanks for your help/input,


Posted on 11/17/13 2:23:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you have crap talent its best to refresh. (assuming you have the gems)

I do not recommend refreshing until you have all the legendary, which is not the case for you.

The top arena players all have beastly talents, Myself included
Ninja 5/5 self destruct
Druid 4/5 berserk
spirit mage 5/5 berserk
Thundergod 4/5 berserk
Succubuss 3/5 revitalize (will reroll for berserk when update comes out)

Update will be great because lets say your druid has 1/5 slow and you reroll
you endup getting 4/5 deadly strike.  Now this talent isn't great for the druid but it not bad.
You only have 300 gems left and you reroll how your given 2/5 slow.  Your like crap... with the update you could keep the 4/5 deadly strike where as now you'll be stuck with 2/5 slow

I would recommend that you figure out what talent you want your hero to have first, and than reroll and if you end up with a decent talent stick with it til the update where you have more control and won't end up with junk talent at the end.