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[Event] Winners: Fanpage Event - Share Where You Clash!

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Posted on 6/25/14 8:12:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Glory to the winners!

Here are the winners of our Fanpage Event last week! Thank you all very much for sharing your clashing spots with us, we saw some really creative and trully awesome pics from the community! so let's keep it going all summer long, just tag us on your photos and we will add them to our fanpage album.

Now let's get to the most important part, below is the winners list for both the special prize and the regular reward for this event.
All winners will receive 500 Gems, and additionally we also picked 50 players in total from all the versions to win 250 Shards!

Only the players that posted a pic with their character info are qualified for the rewards. If you didn't post a picture of yourself and only showed a screenshot, then it does not qualify to win for this event.

Here are all the winners for the Facebook and iOS version.
Erase Facebook500 Gems
mikkijmoFacebook500 Gems
Tanwjss83Facebook500 Gems
KissMeBaby Facebook500 Gems
l80™Facebook500 Gems
AhoFacebook500 Gems
Raku Facebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
CelsoFacebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
oie Facebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
AceKunFacebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
rohgedexFacebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
fanny Facebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
cicaksederhanaFacebook500 Gems + 250 Shards
jmoclassiciOS500 Gems
meinicoleiOS500 Gems
glory93iOS500 Gems
JaaassshhhhiOS500 Gems
themanguyiOS500 Gems
GepoyiOS500 Gems
HajimeSaniOS500 Gems
XxcoolXXskullxXiOS500 Gems
meng169iOS500 Gems
AngelCieliOS500 Gems
Jiroz18iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
cwliOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
DeathSmileiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
Pucko99 iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
bigo1905iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
nutmu7iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
chernobqliOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
PLPiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
CcoyiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
naruzozo iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
chryswayneiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
ZerinBossiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
ChibitiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
GoalieGuyiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
Sirkillshire iOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
zSheyiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards
mubashirbaigiOS500 Gems + 250 Shards

All rewards will be sent within 48 hours of this post. Any wrong information sent will results in forfieture of the event rewards.

Posted on 6/25/14 8:54:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

aeeee vlw de coração muito obrigado :P

Posted on 6/25/14 9:13:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thank you IGG >:D<

Posted on 6/25/14 11:45:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you IGG~

I clash at the kitchen ahahah!!!