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[Event] [Forum Event] Thanksgiving Themed Hero

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Introduction:  Until now, "PD" has long been the one and only hero that we could reasonable associate with Thanksgiving.  Well, we are now looking for a viable replacement who will be our new Thanksgiving Day Hero.  Do you have what it takes to create a new "Elite" that can compete with the infamous "Pumpkin Duke"?

Note: Creativity plays as much of a role as realism. Don't be afraid to make a silly hero.

*Submissions may be in any form, hand drawn or crafted, Photoshopped, etc.
*Submissions should be complete with primary "Skills"
*Submissions must be in the format provided.
*Participants must vote for a minimum of (3) other submissions.

Duration:  November 25th - November 30th

How To Participate:  
1. Copy or Retype the hide code with your gaming information& paste in reply box.
2. Paste your hero & stats directly ABOVE the Hide Code.
3. Check entry to make sure all information is included
4. Click reply.....Done
5. Vote for at least 3 other posts.

Entry Format:                                           
In Game / Character Name:
IGG ID# Here:
Server ( Android, IOS, Facebook, etc ):
1. Limit one post / submission per Account / IP Address.  
2. You can edit your post.
3. You must vote for (3) other submissions to qualify
4. No questions, conversation or comments in thread or accounts will be warned. Instead, ask question in the following thread: ... 9509&extra=page%3D1
5. Any Missing or Incorrect Account Information will result in forfeiture of prize.
IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

1st Place.............Pumpkin Duke
2nd...........1,500 Gems
3rd............1200 Gems
4th............1000 Gems
5th..............800 Gems
remaining....200 Gems

Official event thread can be found here: ... 7275&extra=page%3D1

This event is for entertainment purposes only.  IGG nor their representative make no guarantees, either implied or expressed that any of the submissions will ever be in considered for implementation.

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