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[Event] [SNEAK PEEK] Dual Talent Power - Event

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Posted on 1/21/15 2:22:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Introduction:  Dual talent power

Since the lauching of crest and inscription, you must have tried many different combinations of talents and crests. What do you think is the ultimate combination of talents and crests in each game mode? Share your knowledge with us and you may have chances to win a handful of mystic and rare crest bags. Let's design the ultimate warrior in CC together!

* You must use the Hide Code & Format Provided to submit entries

Duration:  January 21st 23:59 in-game time - January 25th  23:59 in-game time.

How To Participate:
1. Submit entry using the following format:
*Talent and Crest Combination :
*In which game mode: (HBM/arena/raid/boss/TD/LR etc) :

*On what type of heroes: (Universal/melee/ranged/dps/a specific hero etc) :

2.  Copy or Retype Hide Code "EXACTLY" as shown below
3. Check entry to make sure all information is included
4. Click reply.....Done

Entry Format:


[code]Talent and Crest Combination :
In which game mode:
On what type of heroes:

In Game / Character Name:
IGG ID# Here:
Server ( Android, IOS, Facebook, etc ):
[/hide][/code]Example Entry

Talent and crest: Life drain talent with tenacity crest
Game mode: Boss fight, LR
Hero(es): Orksbane and druid
Reason: Life drain heals % of HP and Tenacity boosts HP. Together you get bigger heals overall and longer life. This is great against the boss, especially on druid and orksbane because they can heal while tanking, making it extremely difficult to die.

1. Limit one valid submission per Account / IP Address.  
2. You can edit your post.  
3. Submission must be original ( Duplicated submission will be disqualified )
4. No questions, conversation or comments in thread or you will be disqualified. Use Q&A below
5. Any Missing or Incorrect Account Information will result in forfeiture of prize.
6. Winners will be picked by mods after the event.

IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

1st  -  3rd:  5 Mystic crest bag, 5 Rare crest bag
4th - 10th:  4 Mystic crest bag, 3 Rare crest bag
11th - 30th:  3 Mystic crest bag, 2 Rare crest bag
31st - 50th :
1 Mystic crest bag, 1 Rare crest bag

*Mystic Crest bag may contain: (Talents) Revive, Revitalize, Berserk, & Life Drain.
*Rare Crest Bag may provide: (Skills) Heavy Blow, Self Destruct, Deadly Strike, Scatter, War God and Bulwark.
Event Link:   
Q&A Thread:


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