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[Event] The Proper Technique to Submit Event Entries.

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Posted on 4/25/15 1:28:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Revised by FirstLady at 04-25-2015 12:40 AM 

Hello everyone, 

This thread is to help you understand some of the dynamics of the Events being hosted here in forum.  Hopefully this will help improve your chances of submitting valid entries while avoiding the errors which can cause your entry to be marked as invalid or disqualified.


1)  Do not rush to submit an entry as soon as a page is posted.  Take the time to READ all the information in the event page before submitting an entry.

2)  If you do not understand anything, pm one of the Moderators and ASK for an explanation / clarification.

3)  Post only ONCE in any event thread unless it specifically says that multiple entries are allowed.

4)  Do not ask Questions or carry on Conversations  within the event threads, use the Q&A threads or pm a moderator for assistance.  Anything other than a valid entry in an event thread is considered to be SPAM.

5) Do not Delete or Alter entries because of missing or incorrect information in your post, either use the edit button beneath your entry ( if allowed ) or pm a moderator for assistance in correcting the entry.

6) Do not submit Multiple Entries.  "It is a standing rule that you can only participate once person per IP Address", Which does mean that if you share an IP Address with another CC player only one of you can attend the event, period.  A number of members submit multiple entries in a effort to increase their chance of winning a prize and previously no mention has been made unless the individual actually submitted a winning entry.  However this problem has increased and in future when such individuals are uncovered CHEATING they will not only be banned from that event but all future events.

7) The use of the Hide Code is no longer required as the event threads are pre-programmed to hide your personal gaming information. Please complete the (4) boxes carefully as any incorrect information will cause a forfeiture of any prizes won.

8)  Review your entry before clicking the reply button, omission of pertinent gaming information on your entry will cause you to forfeit any prizes won.

To further assist in the submission of your entries following is a brief list of some common terms used to identify your account, if is important that you understand what is needed in your forum to claim your prizes because without accurate information you will forfeit any prizes won, so if you are unsure ask one of your forum moderators.


In-game IGG ID:This is your gaming account number generally found in the setting tab or beneath your main game screen
In-game Name:This is the name you have chosen for your gaming account, shown in the upper left hand side of your gaming screen.
Server:This can identify the region in which your server is, i.e. German, Turkey, India, or it can simply be identified as US as these events only cater to the US servers
Platform:This is the OS version of your game, Android, iOS, Facebook, Amazon, Kongregate, Windowphone, Armorgames.

Event Rules:
Unless clearly posted otherwise in event threads these are the standing rules for all forum events.

1.  Limit One Entry Per Account / IP Address.
2.  Entries may not be edited.
3.  Spamming/Illegal contest will lead to being disqualified from event, this means NO Comments / Conversation in Event threads. Use Q&A threads or pm hosting Moderator.
Event Q&A Thread
4. You will receive your reward in 7-10 business days after event results announcement. 
5. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards.


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Posted on 4/28/15 3:10:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello FirstLady, Good evening.
Recently, I have not been signed into my main account on castleclash with £200+ spent. Ive tried everything but livesupport, which I CANT open! Please could you link me directly to live support? Im desperate. Thanks!

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